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  1. This is new with version 2.7. If I go into the editor to save a .world file, my computer flags the file that I save on my hard drive as a virus. It says the virus name is "Real Protect EC" with a (seemingly) random hex string attached to it. After this happens, I cannot change my profile photos, or open/save .world files.
  2. My avatar's eyelashes keep getting reset to a light blonde color making me look kinda freaky. It was fine when the room first loaded (I have a photo) but after partnering and using a pose they went blonde. I wish I got a better picture, but this is the only one that shows my eyelashes, haha
  3. Windows 10 Intel i7-6820HK CPU @ 2.70 GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTY 980M 8GB The hair mesh is not 100% complete. You can see the outside of the ship there!
  4. I really enjoyed seeing everyone's photos and entering my own. I understand taking a break! Thanks for running these, Tauri!
  5. Photoshopped with special thanks to AHT for the VHS tape.
  6. Upped the contrast, softened edges, cropped, and b&w.
  7. B&W and Cropped and still one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken in 3dx
  8. Damn, I thought that on the internet no one knew you were a dog (cake)!!
  9. People can save photos. Anything that you see on screen is able to be saved. They can take a screenshot of anything. I think it's too risky to put any real photos, but especially your face. Google knows all
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