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  1. So this question has probably been asked to death, but how do i steam my own music to a room? I want to start a club, but the only problem is quite simple.......everything cost money lol So is it possible to do this without having to pay?
  2. I doubt i will see a response but I played the game for less than five mins and banned(first time playing). Never even used the chat room... I got no response from the support and idk what to do anymore 

  3. HELP! So a friend of mine talked me into playing the game during the DDoS lock down, so i bought my subscription and waited for the servers to come back. Not 5 mins after the servers came back up, I logging in for the first time I got banned for "suspicious activity". I violated no rules, and did nothing wrong. I spent 15 CAD only to get banned 5 mins into my playtime. Help
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