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  1. @Derai and all others, i'll not anymore talk here, it leads nowhere i asked some answers i didn't got anyone here pays, so it's ok, anyone feels his freedom as he wants i disagree with some things, it's my right being called handicaped for that, or worse just lead nowhere so i let you all handle forum, and don't disturb anymore
  2. any tech updates or rule update? ok i'll stop loose my time, you're iggy everywhere, and i don't trust dev anymore i'll pay my abo and see how deep the game is sinking
  3. ok, how do you explain you selling bots? @W4RN1NG You are prohibited use any robot, spider, data miner, scraper or other automated means to access the Sites or its systems for any purpose (unless robot, spider, data miner, or scraper is explicitly permitted by SexGameDevil)
  4. ok i'll not start entering in pm showing, not what i hoped to see Sorry to have bothered Lord @W4RN1NG and his bunch of so kind brothers Sorry to have tried to talk let you to your hatred
  5. @W4RN1NG wanna expose your experience as cheater?
  6. ok np, i was asking for dialog, but well, do as you want i'll no more try to ask dialog between dev and modders but know i'll also screen every attack of your guys i just wish you know what your doing when exploring modding, cause you hit all the players, but seems the leat of your preaoccupations
  7. warning, dear, reread what you signed, or are you playing like @LYUDIII free from charges and rules? as for alts, please let us community of dancers how you do to set them as prefectly everytime.... that would be a positive community act
  8. well in my company i would tell you so bad... go out
  9. Abuse in your case easely proved...
  10. Steal of intellectual property, passible of pursuit, you may pay it 10 times
  11. Dyllan? just a question, for you hacking is only DDOS? Steal of intellectual property is too as when you don't pay for a service btw
  12. re read what i told.... and i add if it's to blame thme for the penury of you prefered cereals, they will never speak....
  13. fact 1: before the selling of bot, till april, monthes of stability with only 10' restart fact 2: one room wich always popup full after crashes fact 3: you have 2 avatars as many off-gang except that they pops always at the same pixel(random function in programing seems still a mistery) fact 4: i tested Derai explanation on a pro streaming account and it doesn't work, well congratulate Allissa want more?
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