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  1. After an artistic break, mainly due to the beautiful summer weather, I would like to share some sensual pictures with you again, based on some of my favorite erotic photography. For a fresh start and since these differed a bit from my previous pictures in their style, I just opened a new topic and hope you like them. So here is a first attempt, and as always I welcome any suggestions and feedback.
  2. We should definitely keep the possibility of including strap play in intimate moments. The default choice of the strap, or even the penis for those who wants, should simply be set like the idle poses. In addition, it would be desirable if the poses were sorted a little better, sometimes it is really difficult to recognise in oral and foreplay poses whether it is a strap pose or not
  3. The crackling of a fireplace emanates from this room. It is really cosy here, various seats allow you to relax in front of the fire
  4. A small rest at a well in the middle of green
  5. Maybe they will add the material system for the older skirts with the next update. The leather skirt is knee-length and would open up interesting combination possibilities with the materials.
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