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  1. Why so complicated? If someone doesn't know how to behave, the iggy button is a practical solution. Just "kicking" someone out would only end up in a quarrel and in the end at the iggy list again anyhow. And if you want, you can also remove people from there the coming day.
  2. Wouldn't it be a much simpler solution here to be able to simply take off accessories such as items of clothing?
  3. Sorry, but "this" is really silly. I wouldn't even pay 50 xgold to enter a room. I'd much rather send a nice gift to good friends or my partner than support such nonsense. You really think you need Dj's, dance teams and even greeters while you push your room like crazy? That's your free choice, but I've never been into that kind of nonsense, and I never will be. And I'd certainly never would pay for this. But of course that's just my opinion.
  4. A very interesting and promising looking project
  5. It's already suggested in a couple of posts... but yes, I would love to have nice looking nose piercing. And more different necklaces? It would be nice if they added some to match the rings and earrings
  6. Just like @Xizi said... This idea is a real no-go, a red line that developers should never cross.
  7. On our foray through the tree house, we find ourselves in a bright, cosily furnished Ateljer. The centre of the room is dominated by a large indoor fountain. In one corner of the room, hidden behind long curtains, is a cosy resting area. Numerous other seating areas also invite you to relax. A large balcony lets you enjoy the evening sun and floods the room with warm light.
  8. It is already a little outdated, but should still be useful for getting started: https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/articles.html/3dxchat-manuals-and-information/world-editor-manual-deutsch-english-r10/
  9. You can find the object in the World Editor, in the pose markers. Place the two connected objects and you can teleport from one to the other. Make sure that the footprints don't sink into the ground or another object, otherwise it will not work.
  10. A well-hidden cave invites you to explore
  11. It is the same with female / female, it has nothing to do with gender, as I know.. But that it could be relatet to your Avis standart pose? is an interesting point...
  12. Sometimes I just enjoy this feeling of freedom and this special closeness and connection to nature. But sometimes erotic inclinations also grow out of these moments. The exciting feeling of perhaps being watched, of being seen as my hands wander gently over my naked body...
  13. Erotic fantasies and dreams... for me these are often connected to the beauty of nature. to be naked, enjoying the warming sun on my skin, the wind gently caressing me, water pleasantly cooling my body. Especially bathing naked feels simply beautiful.
  14. I can only agree with @BellaGirl. We already pay our subscription to be able to use the chat, so I don't want to have an ingame shop where I have to pay again for every new piece of clothing, material or even poses at ridiculously overpriced prices like the colourful names. This would be a real no go for me.
  15. This beautiful place under old willows is a gift from a very special friend and I always like to return to this place to enjoy the sunset. Thank you, @MeiLing
  16. With a little more effort, such paths can also be created uphill. You can use the Rock obeject for natural looking steps and also cover places where clipping has problems. With a little creativity and thinking around corners, you can create very beautiful, natural-looking landscapes with this editor.
  17. We are standing in a bright hallway whose walls are decorated with painted pictures. Next to many plants in the niches, there are shelves with all kinds of odds and ends.
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