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  1. "Jealous people are like madmen and drunkards, they never realize their suffering. Jealousy stems from a lack of confidence not in others, but in oneself". To meditate for some! 😜
  2. We could not do better than these 3 days of intense music .. Congratulations to you and all the DJs who have animated these parties !! By the way, I loved the big wheel !!! 😋
  3. I think that GIZMO is also depending on the players .. he can not unfortunately control everything and if we explain our situation well, it will unlock immediately, as it did for me .. Thank you in any case .. I feel better and less in "withdrawal" and finally I can post here after yet put a first message to my playmate .. Nice day to all and good game.😎
  4. So since you have to write 3 posts on the forum "public" to be "unlocked", I just allow me to say that I am annoyed, even hurt to see myself forced to a single message by 24 Hours .. I am registered for over 3 years now on 3DXChat, but certainly only since October 2018 on the forum, not seeing the interest .. but what is already not bad for having made my proofs of "respect" and "non-spam ".. I registered to be able to communicate with the person who shares this game with me for 22 months now .. Now if it takes 3 posts to have the field" free ", here is already one! Sincerely yours and good luck to all!😎
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