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  1. It would be interesting that the developers or the moderators clearly explain the rules of the game: The banings fall without foundation and without criteria of gravity ... It is possible to be banned for just having put a reaction on the World channel ... " wooop "(not to quote it) ... It is now possible to be banned for spam without writing anything on the world channel ... where are we going? .... If it is no longer possible to communicate on the World = DELETE THE WORLD CHANNEL. And besides that, people take advantage of the system and the naivety of people and are still present despite numerous feedback to the moderators. Where is the rule of moderation in all of this ... favoring people to extinguish those who can overshadow them? On what criteria do developers ban? on simple denunciation, even unjustified ?, the least of things would be to have a minimum of profetionnalise by providing the explanation to the banned person by showing him the proof (since now, for Spam, a copy must be attached, the proof must therefore existed to be authenticated)
  2. Reading purple text and room advertising seems to have become disturbing, but reading texts with only sex, tons of spelling mistakes, fooling people with double counting or alts ... well, no, write an advertising on the world, it's more serious .... We pay for a connection, if there are rules, we have to sign them before connecting
  3. I love talking, having fun, building, listening to music. Present for my friends, but also for those who are not and will never be, who are on 3dx only to manipulate.

  4. I do not have any music when entering the rooms, and also an impossibility to open the profiles quite often, it happens to me since the last big update of Windows10
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