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    Romantic music, video shooting of events, the proprietress of the romantic club "Two Loving Hearts"
  1. Yes, I agree, but recently the server crashes suspiciously often ... Too suspiciously, moreover, after installing the updates ...
  2. After the latest updates, server crashes began at one and the same time. After 418 and 419 updates, the problems became more ... Not only throws out the game, but also the problem with the entrance ...
  3. He’s from the future) But still, after the update, he doesn’t let him into the game, although now he writes that there is no connection to the server ...
  4. It completely stopped letting the game( Server lost... What is going on with the servers? That throws, it is impossible to go ... And what does it mean "Edit Tab" and "logon as normal" ?
  5. My avatar is an attractive fox girl) If you can’t even understand this, then I am very sorry for you) I wish you to live life to the fullest and be happy) To constantly be afraid to accidentally break the law is not life, but eternal torment, as in hell)
  6. Laws are written by people. And it is human nature to make mistakes. There is no absolutely right person and absolutely wrong. Tell me, have you ever broken the law? I won’t believe it if you say yes.
  7. Do not pay attention to this clown under the name Ross The TboR) He's so funny in their arguments, I doubt that he is an adult)
  8. ...Похоже, он уже сдох)
  9. Yes, absolutely right! Behind the avatars are real people. What is their character in real life - and in the game. Even the feelings in the game are real, but, unfortunately, not everyone can understand this ...
  10. But if you use this so that people leave the pirated game on the legal? I see that you are against it!
  11. This is an ad for our favorite game!
  12. AJluca, CandyPrincessS, Skvoznyak, Plaha, Strong, Seven, LunaChika, Clever, Pofigistka, Tantoria, ILONxMASK are real players and my good friends! The fact that they registered on the forum to support good people, and not to gain the number of posts with all sorts of nonsense does not give you the right to insult them!
  13. Patap has changed a lot for the better. In general, he was always a good person. I will support him. AliceM (MaJIbBuHa) July 2017
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