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  1. thats the most disgusting abuse of Obama ive encountered since a long while Oo. bye trolling bitch, not gonna miss you in the conversation for sure šŸ‘‹
  2. so far i put that label on you. not on everyone. as not everyone reads the sentence "i refer to the nature of the things" and has the picture of Ludwig XVI in their head. thats illusional, simply put. you read what you want to read and it doesnt bother you that the story has big holes in it aslong the end of it is to your pleasing because damn would it be a catastrophe if you simply are wrong and had to argue with reason instead trying to frame some nonsense on the person you disagree with.
  3. šŸ™„. neither do i think that nor did i imply it through what i said but if you want to believe that, who am i to stop your illusions šŸ¤·ā€ā™‚ļø
  4. i compare myself to the nature of things, the sun included. it wouldnt matter if he tried to insult someone else šŸ¤·ā€ā™‚ļøI
  5. esh. i really hoped you learned the lesson by now. you come in here, spread some insults and wonder that you provoke a reaction hence "killing the threat"? maybe learn how the internet works before blaming the sun to burn you.
  6. IKushiel

    RP Room

    im not sure if i find it amusing that so many men lacking the brain to overread a persons name and ignore their profile before approaching.
  7. IKushiel

    RP Room

    not surprising. what were the questions about?
  8. empty threats and they are used to it. it snot like they did a good job before and earned loads of praise. you can spare your breath and just quit if you dont like it.
  9. well yea. profiles are constantly going broke. pretty annoying.
  10. everything happened there feels childish šŸ™„. what grown up spends that much time on such petty dramas with people who literally have no impact to their lifes...
  11. youre abit cryptic and hard to read. the general thing youre describing happened probably to the most people once or twice when they start with such games.
  12. i think its the wrong idea from its core that we deem ourselves responsible for the whole planet when we do not even manage to take care of ourselves. Let me try to explain you the difference: we do not kill the planet or all life on earth with our behaviour, we kill us and a few or the most species in the longer food chains or forcing them to adapt atleast to the new climate and circumstances like the plastic everywhere but nobody is really believing that life will be destroyed by this. not even covering earths surface with nuclear bombs would be able to kill all life in a matter of fact. there are plenty of organisms who can live through radioactive environments, extremely toxic water qualities and without sunlight. People in not so rich countries have a hard time caring for trees or animals when they themselves feel endangered to die or further impoverish, thats absolutely normal and within our nature to survife, no matter what. In merchandising the idea as "save the planet" instead "save humanity and in fact themselves from catastrophic changes leading to war and further impoverishment" you might feel like a hero saving the planet in the end of the day but you demotivate the poor half of humanity to actually take part in the action. Nature is not developed and does not work through a thought through system of balance that is artificially enforced by someone, it works through much stronger mechanisms humans are far, far, faaaaaar away from mastering or even understanding and we simply cannot hope to mess with it successfully. we are not the masters of nature, we are part of it and thinking otherwise and effectively believing we are able to shape the world to our will "on purpose" (nobody is doubting were right now shaping the environment) is dangerous arrogance that will do more harm as good for ourselves in the end. conclusion: when we look on environment issues you should always brand it in a way that its about humans if you want to have an impact and be atleast aware that stopping a specific species that is not of direct value for our own survival to go extinct has no greater good as keeping a pretty stone in your house to look at it. Use achievable goals with direct positive effect, do not intend to heal the whole system but trust in natures ability to balance itself. be aware that this "balance" could very well mean that we as species are endangered to go extinct if our actions and behavioural changes are not strong enough which could mean drastic measures, even undemocratic ones might be necessary to save us.
  13. this is pure 3dx drama in a showcase. are your lifes so empty that you have time and will to keep responding to each others insults forever?
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