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  1. Just try as Yvonny said. Go to your 3DXChat install directory, delete any file that starts with 'StandaloneWindows*' and start the game again.
  2. @ColinDude yeah, srry, seems we overloaded that one as well 😋
  3. the worst possible moment, of course
  4. hey @ColinDude excellent job this. You think it would be possible to do a 'Connected users' count? An does 3dx have any sort of API's at all?
  5. seems Colin is trying to add this kind of issue to the status page:
  6. How do you even stack up me calling you young and immature, against you proclaiming every man in the game as gay, bi and subby?????? Your completely out of touch with reality kid. And your self-centered, delusional arrogance is starting to get boring.
  7. So sad, another threat killed off by trolling. And I know that you thrive on putting ppl around you down, make them feel bad, but please stick to the basic forum rules. Namely: 2.02. Insults, personal attacks, abuse, threats, harassment or defamatory are prohibited. This category includes clear and masked language and Both / or links to websites Containing search language or images which: - Insultingly refer to other characters, players, SexGameDevil employees, or groups of people. - Result in ongoing harassment to other characters, players, SexGameDevil employees,
  8. Im putting a stop to this nonsense and be getting back on topic. I request of you to do likewise. In case you re not done yet, please start a new threat like ‘The endless argument about nothing’ And I might join you there if I feel like it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back to OP’s topic: Anyways, If you see me in game you can always hit me up for some mfm group fun. Im just not into gay or bi stuff, but I suspect that most guys here arent either.
  9. Well I know your not illiterate, means you in-comprehensive? and that part of me attacking you is pure bs. your not trying to play the victim now are you?
  10. First of all everybody around here has been giving clear and respectful arguments against your pov. Which you have swept away with insults. But this isnt even about this, its not even about you and me. This is about this starting off as a thread for ppl how like groupsex. You’ve made it abundantly clear that your not into that. So all that remains, is for your to GTFOH. And stop ruining everybody’s fun.
  11. What you call argument has descended into a pointless and immature back n forth. There is nothing to gain for anyone.
  12. Your so cruel on skipping on the knee pads.
  13. Gawd dammit, your ramblings fucking reminds me of my self some 20 years ago. But just to pick at one point your making. 😉 Any argument except what has been decreed as scientifc laws, are pure subjectivity by nature. Even if you bring up ‘common’ beliefs, of which any is highly arguable. And of most i'd gladly disagree on.
  14. We most certainly have a different perspective of what dom means. As you describe that for you its more about taking and not giving, in my book that’s simply egoistic. Not dom. With the exception of real slavery, rape and similar crimes, any sexual relationship requires mutual consent. Even in this virtual world. For me, being dom is a responsibility. You become the caretaker of your sub’s. Think about where the term ‘alpha male’ stems from. It describes the leader of a pack of wolfs. Now If that alpha would just take and take, there soon will be no pack to lead. Hence
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