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    New experiences as I am a bit of an adrenalin junkie, Reading, Movies, anything with an Engine, and combat sports. That just about covers it ;)

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  1. I attempted my first bit of RP here yesterday, tried helping out the Police while some poor guy was held at knife point. Was a bit ropey on my part I think but was a new experience and first attempt. Will def try to hang out here more so feel free to shoot me some tips if you are a regular there. Havent settled on a role yet but seeing where things go. Peace
  2. Hazman

    Hey People

    @CarenThanks I will have a hunt for the guide. @Lexi95, lets hope I am lucky
  3. You are a star bb! Cheers
  4. Thanks for the advice , I will give it a go. How do you generate an area to start editing?
  5. Yours interests, most likely true and very funny :)

  6. I just joined and it's it's good and friendly then I will be sticking around and would love to build something for the community. Where would ya get started? Are there any guide etc.
  7. Hazman

    Hey People

    Hey People, I got this game on a whim for some cheeky fun. Any advice for new guy in town. Where to go who to do.. I mean where Peace out.
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