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  1. Heya i creating this post today for @Lisa or @Gizmo to know if you authorized the sale of the rooms to make money like on this site ? https://3dxchatstore.com/
  2. when you put the panties on the first picture the swimsuit is broken, you have to put on the old panties
  3. ab9aa47918f4565e2e6ab765c0408b83.mp4
  4. https://gyazo.com/ab9aa47918f4565e2e6ab765c0408b83
  5. le corset doit être à l'extérieur et non à l'intérieur de la jupe
  6. Thank you all for kindly helping me to fill this topic with the photos where we can see the clothes which are bugger so that the devs can see.
  7. It's true. I agree with you especially since we have a discord where nobody can speak there is not a single discussion channel but yet there are administrators you do not see the usefulness.
  8. Hi everyone I had a private conversation and said the word "hack" It comes at the right time because i understood wanting to open my mouth regarding this kind of problem..... It's good to do that kind of text for that kind of thing, but you can talk about it for 2 seconds about the group "GANGOFF" and "WARNING" who are still in the game and still hack the game even if they don't. don't crash your server, they still hurt other players. Please do your job as moderator. have a good day, kisses
  9. 5 years later and still no bug fixed on the clothes to fix this kind of thing it takes 5 hours of work maximum so why it is still not done Mr Dev 3dxchat ?
  10. that can be totally true because in the past we waited 3 to 4 months to have very little content but according to the promises I keep my fingers crossed that we will have something very consistent >..<
  11. 3 months without content update
  12. I too disconnect every 15 minutes without any explanation
  13. Heya everybody >..< Can someone explain to me how to make the color flashy? Before it was possible with the DLL but now that it is the method >..<
  14. d8ce742a45fed10937240b9edf806d6f.mp4 3d55d0cf4a3ef8365587c561fc880faa.mp4 17f710c335d9b42be5dd9824a6bbe2a5.mp4 2efc538e84eba02ecbd30f40ddebd0b8.mp4
  15. maybe it's body painting update that's crash game ?
  16. Aww so bad it's every time Friday night
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