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  1. For this to be meaningful you would need to a) open up the forum to new members and b) promote both the fact that a forum exists and also that you are actively looking for peoples opinions on the subject of streaming, an advert on the 3dx login page would be good I think. As for me, general streaming of rooms, including world or local chat is fine, that is public after all. But I would absolutely want to know if someone was streaming a pm I was in. That by definition should be private. Just my thoughts
  2. That's more a "I've got your credit card and you don't know" smile
  3. I'm getting this a bit now too, happened last night, changing from Europe to US server, or vice versa, seems to fix it but it is annoying when it happens and it does seem to be getting more frequent
  4. If you're adding smiles (which would be awesome) I would very much like the sort of maniacal grin that says 'are you SURE you wanna cold me?'
  5. I know Oli has a very special place in his heart for this one
  6. It never really made sense to me to only be able to ignore a third of an account/person at a time. I know nothing of the technicalities, but each individual avi must be linked to the one account somewhere, otherwise we'd need separate logins for each one, so I can't see why theoretically an account wide ignore couldn't be implemented without upsetting whatever it is they have in place that stops a Pandora type program from working. Though personally, Pandora stopped me from being played on 3 separate occasions, so it wasn't all bad.
  7. As you've said it was ok I will quickly comment on the 'Iggie' paragraph as what you were told wasn't necessarily the case. I was in Sin a week or so ago when a friend joined me. I went and sat at an empty table for us to chat when they asked me if I knew such and such as they were already sat at the table. They hadn't ignored me, it was just a bug that for some reason was not allowing their avatar to load on my screen. It used to be a pretty common bug a while ago, you'd be in a room and see a friend chatting in Local but not be able to see them, or vice versa, but is much rarer now, at least for me. The only way I know of to be sure someone has ignored you is to check their profile, but obviously you need to know who it is you can't see and also where to find a gift they've sent or who they're married to or suchlike.
  8. I don't think it quite works like that when calculating the odds. My understanding is both die are rolled separately. To roll 2 or 12, both die must be a 1 or a 6. To roll a 3 or 11, the first die can be a 1 or 2, or a 5 or 6, which has a higher probability of happening. The second die then must be rolled to a single number only to make up the correct score.
  9. It's at the end of the little jetty, you dive into the ocean, it's pretty cool
  10. To skip from the top to the bottom may take 3-5 seconds but to actually read through each one to find the one you want takes wayyy longer. And the number of times I read through the list (94 rooms open right now) to find the one I want, only to get to the bottom without seeing it and having to start right from the top again..... ok that might just be me but it's unnecessarily frustrating nonetheless and could and should be made easier with some sort of filter system. Here's hoping.
  11. I'm a bit surprised at the number of no's and negativity on this. I mean the question/poll wasn't would you like to see pose transitions added before, in place of, or at the expense of anything else, it was just would you like to see it added. The likelihood of it ever happening is probably zero - like most of the suggestions ever made - but surely to see your avi move smoothly from one pose to the next could only be a plus? Fixing glitches and bugs or adding a plethora of other things all have their own threads, many of them several. As for the difficulty of adding such a feature, it does exist in game already with the Slowdance poses. I wish they weren't lightning fast, but they do transition and it is a lot nicer than the instant change, in my opinion anyway.
  12. Thank you, I will try that xx
  13. I got what I think was a standard reply from Support telling me to use a VPN which would solve my connection problem. It's not a connection problem though as my old computer - which is still set up as I need to transfer stuff across to the new one - could load the room. Curiouser and curiouser.
  14. Hiya, I was in a room with friends last night when the music cut out. I re-entered the room, the music came back, I could see everyone in the room but the room itself would not load, everyone was just suspended in mid-air over water and after a minute or two I got a 'Response is null' error message and I wonder if anyone else has had this and knows a) what causes it or b) if it can be fixed/resolved. I wandered through some other rooms which all loaded fine, I went back to this room and it wouldn't load and I got the same error message. This is a new computer, wayyy better than my old one which never had this problem. I've emailed support but thought while I wait for a reply maybe someone has come across this and knows what it means. Thanks in advance for any answers xx
  15. Hope your sprinkler system is fully functional..... At the very least you're gonna want the services of a professional cleaning and sanitizing company, you know what they're like
  16. Apparently............ 'On Abbey Road we were wearing our ordinary clothes. I was walking barefoot because it was a hot day,” an exasperated McCartney told a LIFE magazine reporter who “waded through a bog in Scotland” to reach the Beatle at his farm in 1969.
  17. The Beatles are the only band to twice knock itself off the top of the chart. All four Beatles contracted gonorrhea in Hamburg early in their career. The first Beatle to become a grandfather was Ringo, with the birth of his granddaughter Tatia Jayne in 1985. George Harrison’s song “Blue Jay Way” has led to the repeated theft of that street sign in Los Angeles. The song was written at a house on Blue Jay Way in the Hollywood Hills.
  18. The Beatles didn’t think they would be popular in the United States. The Beatles’ appearance on the Ed Sullivan show in New York City drew a huge television audience. They sold out shows everywhere they went in the United States. The band was highly influenced by American pop music, but initially, they weren’t sure if Americans would be open to a foreign band. The Beatles had difficulty getting signed to a major record label The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein worked hard to secure his lads a recording contract with a label big enough to make them stars. This wasn’t easy, though, because not everyone in the music industry saw the potential in them that Epstein did. At one point, the act was rejected by Decca Records, and Epstein was told that guitar groups were on the way out. Ultimately, of course, EMI took a chance on the Beatles, and the rest is history.
  19. The Ignore button is your friend, it's immediate and effective. And I'd not bother with replying at all, messages like that don't deserve a polite response, just click the Ignore button each and every time.
  20. The Beatles got the idea for their name from Buddy Holly and The Crickets. John Lennon's father was absent for much of his early life but showed up when his son became famous. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were not the original rhythm section. John Lennon's hero was Elvis Presley, but he was disappointed when he met him.
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