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  1. There were disconnects room through room 2 days ago.
  2. Could be, but we cannot be sure of anything anymore. Everyone in room kneeling, everyone placed at 0,0...what's next?
  3. Well, seems that the hackers finally showed themselves by opening a topic and showing they can disconnect every player in a room. Time for devs to step up cause this is getting out of control.
  4. I hope they will make possible to wear corona mask and sunglasses at the same time.
  5. Lux lnterior


    Hey JimmyJuice All good?
  6. Song is about Marc Moreland, the guitarist for new wave band Wall Of Voodoo and his battle with alcohol. Marc died of liver failure. Written and sung by his GF.
  7. From 2008-2011 psy/tech breaks tracks ruled the floors, but there was one track to rule them all:
  8. Lux lnterior


    The hug of all hugs:
  9. Wait, someone is screeshotting Jade around the game on your behalf? rofl As far as can remember, on that stage when you were seeing her in the past, everyone is dressed in same style for years (same colors, same haircurt same glasses...), so what's the big deal with Jade's green? I don't see any problem. I mean, OK, you detest that person, but agrument like "always dresses the same" is meh.
  10. The only reasonable explanations are: - you're following her around on alts or: - you're basing your conclusions on few of her screenshots on forums
  11. Well Ex, if you iggied Jade years ago, how the hell you know what she's wearing?
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