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  1. They've been working on game stability for months and they did a good job, so yes , I believe they'll give some game experience updates pretty soon. This forums has 0 importance anyways.
  2. Actually, Gizmo posted about new updates on Noir Desire's "Better stable than new stockings!" topic. These are his words: We are working on 2 updates: The first update is something I really can't tell at the moment because it's a cooperation with other company. We're doing something cool that gives players a unique new experience. The second update is about character and clothing customization. But these are not just new clothes. This is something more.
  3. Shhhh, at least you can play the game Some of us can't even pass through Unzipping of the patch.
  4. My feet are full of various fungus and lichen after years of being barefooted with shoes on.
  5. Stability is OK now. Time for new stockings !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Dedicated to my 3DX wife who always sees the good in everyone:
  7. Wayne Coyne and Jonathan Donahue in same video:
  8. I'm seeing one avi called JIMIS right now. Profile says: A tiny dick loser. If that's him, that explains a lot.
  9. Tomorrow at Noir Desire's I'm gonna spin the Mushroom Dive's remix of this trip hop hymn:
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