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  1. Some quotes froe on of may favorite writers, Joe Abercrombie: 1.The truth is like salt. Men want to taste a little, but too much makes everyone sick 2.Strange, how the best moments of our lives we scarcely notice except in looking back 3.Luck is a woman. She's drawn to those that least deserve her 4.You should laugh every moment you live, for you'll find it decidedly difficult afterwards 5The wise wait for their moment, but never let it pass. 6. An open mind is like to an open wound, vulnerable to poison 7.A man who doesn't want opinions should keep his own mouth shut 8.It is easy to forget how much you have, when your eyes are always fixed on what you have not 9.Trust is like glass. Lovely, but only a fool rests lots of weight on it 10.Those with bad luck should at least attempt to balance it with good sense
  2. Since Alex Neri aka Planet Funk is one of me all time favorite house producers, here's one of his eternal classics. This track ruled the floors:
  3. and closed with his: When you have no one, no one can hurt you In the corners there is light That is good for you And behind you, I have warned you, There are awful things Will you miss me when I burn, and will you eye me with a longing? It is longing that I feel, to be missed for, to be real..
  4. Played it today and I felt so good. What an amazing track:
  5. I live for drugs. It’s great! I freaked out very, very badly! I freaked out on acid! I live for drugs. It’s great! I’m the white rabbit !
  6. Brother Jon Spencer: and sister Muffin Spencer:
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