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  1. i can loggin, i see my contact list but sharedworld is empty and after a hile i get a nitiffication connection refused
  2. Is there a way/file to see how the avatar would be in a positioned in 3d in editor? For example in Bed furniture where/how the people will be located....in order to be able to create restrainsts taking into account where arm,legs etc are located
  3. Any link to share with dowloadable bdsm furnitures? especialy with the recent added positions. ty
  4. Any links to share with dowloadable devices? Thank you
  5. Hi everyone, I d like to ask if there is any file that will show the position of each person on each device....bed/wall/couch etc... For example. on a couch poistion x where the hands, legs will be located... All that in order to be able to find the correct placement of restraints/cuffs
  6. Any girl enjoying pegging man in a role play where she has the dominating role?
  7. Thank you...but what if the floor to the 1st floor is 4 meters...how do you place the bits of stairs correctly?
  8. any tip on how to build stairs?hard to align,scale and calculate the proper hight...?
  9. hi all, When adding partner are we able to use her/him in single positions on devices? For example me using single positions and the partner i added to alocate a single position to her
  10. I try to place and rotate the selected GROUP (Objects + SOFA ) at same position as the single placed SOFA (not selected)... Free rotating the group is too difficult and unacurate
  11. Hi everyone, I have this issue, (trying to make group alligned to x y z axis) When we have a Group of items, we cannot edit Transform as it was a single item.(Group value is always 0). If you see the attached picture, I want to whole group to be straight on x y z axis (the Sofa + objects)....impossible as i can only do it piece by piece... Also Snap angle does not accept decimals
  12. Hi Is there a file where we can merge what possitions would look like? This is in order to see where is each character and how positioned while editing (for example to 'see' where handcuffs would be placed for example.
  13. Bravo those a great!!! Will you ever share the world files? If you do share, how could we aknowledge your effort and that it is you that created it? ///////////////////////Would like to use the panhouse as a template to edit it
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