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  1. Google is currently in talks to obtain the licencing right to Clint Eastwood's soul for this option. Once they do, the beta "Do You Feel Lucky?" option will begin rolling out in phases.
  2. Google Crime - the newest member of the Google line of apps - lets you serve time in advance for crimes you plan to commit. You can do your time, then your crime!
  3. How long is this thing goin' for? I'm at work. Y'all suck.
  4. Castiel

    In game love

    Yup, you're right. So, in a sense, getting to know someone online without knowing what they look like first can be a good thing because it removes that initial physical attraction we're used to starting with and sets us up to get to know the real person first.
  5. Castiel

    In game love

    You're the only one that can say if it's love or not. Many, many people get infatuation confused with actual love. It's possible to find love in a place like 3DX, but it's rare. I was lucky enough to have met the woman I'm now married to IRL in Frescos. But, again, actual relationships blooming from such a place are few and far between. The really real people are one in a million. Yes, if you're in a RL relationship and in a secondary relationship on 3DX - unless it was agreed to with your RL partner beforehand - that's cheating. Of course the honeymoon period fades. After that initial raw attraction diminishes, if there's still a strong bond within the relationship left, that's what love actually is. Tread carefully out there, people.
  6. Mothafuckers writin' novels up in here.
  7. Castiel

    An apology

    In the title, maybe?
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uZbvaf9nGg
  9. Holy shit, a level-headed, thoughtful, coherent reply. This place still surprises me from time-to-time.
  10. Rob's got a point. Develop a brand.
  11. Spellchecker helps. You're misunderstanding what I'm saying. At no point did I say it was okay or "fun" to "harm" other people. Perhaps before replying to my posts and attempting to "harm" me by insulting my IQ, you make sure you have a proper grasp of what is being said seeing as you're not a native English speaker.
  12. No, I don't know the word empathie, but I do know what empathy is. Let's not start tossing around what would constitute as signs of low IQ in an online written thread. Simple as. If someone is spending their earned money just to bother you, a person with high self-esteem would see that as flattery. "This dude is taking time and cash to give me shit that I don't actually care about. It's almost endearing." Because what the person is actually doing means fuck all. They're more obsessed with you than anything else. It's all psychology.
  13. When did I ever mention the whole room stealing bullshit? Maybe take the time to comprehend what my statement actually meant.
  14. Straight up, if someone wants to spend money to harass you, you should take that as a compliment.
  15. Do I wish I never found 3DX? Hell naw. I love that I found it because I'm walking away from it with so much more than I had before I did. Everyone's had their ups-and-downs on 3DX and elsewhere. It's part of life. I see most of what goes on in that place as a game for most or a way to socialize with other, sometimes, like-minded people or people of vastly different backgrounds. But you can do that almost anywhere. Being the exception to the rule and having found an amazing, real relationship there doesn't preclude me from pointing out that I really don't think it's the place to find such things. Too many people hiding behind avi's playing games and being sneaky. Plus, like, almost all the females are dudes. As far as you go, it all depends on what you get out of, or want to get out of, this place. If, as you said, it's spending time chatting and chilling with friends, then let that be your focus and do that when you get the itch to jump on and hang out. Don't let the bad ruin the good and do what is best for you.
  16. Get that money, Gizmo. **thumbs up** Also, Henkie being the voice of reason in this thread? Has Hell frozen over? Brah, props, brah.
  17. Holy shit, this is a runaway train. Again, can't state simple opinions without someone blocking you. Not how adults interact. What's wrong with a friendly disagreement? "Real" life information isn't displayed on Pandora unless you've shared some of it in your profile or gallery. If you did, that's on you. Anything posted on things like 3DX profiles is no longer private when it's been put out in public. Obvious, I know, but some people need that spelled out. As far as pointing fingers at me: I've been around a damn long time; I, like most people, do care about myself first and foremost, but am capable of caring about others which is partly why I point things out here; my life experience is well rounded, thank you. And I don't use Pandora, myself, and that's part of my point: People who don't have anything to hide don't care about it. They're either people who don't have alts or who do and don't care if anyone knows about it. Those that do care do so only because there's things on there they don't want anyone else to see because they weren't smart enough to not do it in the first place.
  18. lol See, shit like this is ridiculous. Stated a simple opinion and it's "iggy, iggy, iggy!" As I stated in my first post on this ignore list topic, people need to learn to be adults.
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