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  1. Just another day on 3DX forums, watching Robbie JJ run around with tears in his eyes unable to get anyone banned. Such a sad story of this little boy who lives his life here.
  2. Ok, I finally confess. I am gizmo. Surprise fuckers!!! :D
  3. LOL Sorry, making fun of him is such a rewarding hobby it is hard to resist. Especially now that he cannot do anything about it anymore since they figured out who and what he is.
  4. Reading between the lines as it was not specifically discussed, it sounds like she already contacted 3DX and they explained their actions to her. Everything after that is just subjective opinions, they are not going to remove her suspension, that only happens if you are RobbieJ and you have been polishing the knobs of various moderators for several years. So she probably just has to take her lumps it would seem.
  5. Some sort of personal mailbox programmed into the game would be nice, to replace offline messaging that was a failure and did not work correctly.
  6. Ok, just do what RobbieJJ says he does and have her create a new account, as long as they did not have the membership processor block her I don't see why that would not work, even then she could probably find a way around it like RobbieJJ seems to be claiming he has before. Hope she is more careful in the future about what she has on her profile.
  7. My advice is find a new girlfriend who is not into pedophilia, or instead have her break rules that 3dx does not enforce like advocating beating women, homophobic slurs, posting pictures of white supremacists and nazis and paranoid slander like RobT does, she will never get banned for that. Though pedophilia is probably not too far around the corner for old man RobbieJ, creating imaginary girlfriends has to get boring eventually.
  8. Oh too late. JJs sock puppet Xandisweet has already made its appearance I see. As far as your topic, with no answers, your only hope is probably to send a message to their help email and hope they answer, which it seems they don’t always do. Good luck Gelda.
  9. Any time sir, if any thing you read here upsets your man vagina in the future don’t hesitate to say something JJ.
  10. So incredibly sorry sir. Edited those parts out. We would not want anymore whining about it as you say.
  11. Good morning. It seems RobJJs many forum accounts were busy at work voting while I was sleeping, but still a long way to go to close the gap, and I don’t mean his big mouth, the empty space in his head or his man vagina either. LOL. :lol: One could say it is flattering to be voted for so many times by you JJ, but we both know you are a piece of shit and the pleasure is all yours.
  12. I am shocked someone got blocked or suspended on the game more than anything else, I always thought that was just a myth. On forums I know it's different. Most of the people on forums who have been blocked or banned are people RobT made false reports about because they didn't like him. But I wish you luck finding the answer.
  13. I have never seen that message when my membership expired, so I doubt that is the reason. Going to assume the term blocked means suspended, maybe she broke one of their rules.
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