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  1. I was having this problem too in the beta. I was updating my world with the new beta items and saving them to a new file I can use once the update happens. It would save just fine, had no problems using the items and placing them, saving often. But when I attepted to reload the world to test the items it would crash and this happened over and over again. Now when I am ready to reload the world I just edited, I don't. I load up the little sample room they gave us in beta (I call it the AirBnB) then reload my world from there and have had no problems doing it. Yes it is an extra step but I haven't crashed once since I have been doing it and can use the new items in the room once it loads back up. Hope this helped.-J
  2. This actually would be great. I have an object installed that makes you look like a mermaid for photoshoots that works with 1 pose...it would be nice to turn off the others so that it works with only that pose instantly. Really good idea. That and maybe mark the poses with a colored outline so we know if it is MF, FF, MFF without having to stare at it or get the wrong one by mistake.
  3. Finally. I take it that they are counting jewelry as "clothing"? Or was it just not listed here? Me and my Wife are looking forward to being able to wear wedding rings. Thank you for posting this here Lexxxxi. Do you have any idea when patch 450 will be released?-J
  4. When I am running my room I use the program VIRTUAL DJ and it allows me to run 4 different tracks at once, which is why I got it. First track can be your set list and I also use the beach sounds with seagulls as it is a beach resort and it also has an arcade and bowling alley, and cinema so I can cue up separate tracks for background effects. It works great for me and gives me a real world/real life ambiance.
  5. Thank you so much Torax! I love it!!!! My Pug loves it too.-J
  6. Thank you Torax for making these for us all to enjoy! Looking forward to the Pug.-J
  7. I still come in a several times a week to see if there is news about upcoming patches and see what everyone is doing but like many of you have seen it is a ghost town in here. I come in and read all the threads to keep up but don't say much. Hope it picks up again soon.-J
  8. I agree with Derai above...I hate the breast physics...me and Anison were talking about how painful it looked earlier today. They are going in every which direction as we dance. Hope they change that back to what it was before. I can just imagine the production meeting on that one...ummm yeah.-J
  9. Yessssssssssssss just saw this was addressed...thank you!-J
  10. My lipstick is gone again with this patch...hope it gets fixed fast. Juice is not worth the squeeze in this case. Lipstick was just not a trade off for some new clothes and poses-J
  11. Gizmo please give us the pose editor that is...drum roll...5th on your list. PLEASE. I have been waiting for that to become available for awhile now and there it is listed just below...I would love to submit some every day non sexual poses to the community that I know they will enjoy and make life here much more enjoyable.
  12. Thank you for letting us know Lunarelf. I think it is wonderful that you are at least trying to do this for us. Hope hope hope that they add it soon!-J
  13. I was looking for an answer to this question, will there be a way for me (now or in the near future) to make and submit poses that we clearly need here that would make everyone's life much better. Simple poses that would be used every day by many of the people here such as walking together while holding hands. I also would like to tackle the issue of wearing a wedding ring, another thing that would well received. I keep hearing about nipple rings but I think a wedding ring should come first. Anyways I have lots of really good pose ideas that are not just for sexual situations.
  14. So looking forward to the hoodie...fingers crossed Lisa responds to you soon. Thank you attempting to make new clothes for us Lunarelf...very much appreciated.
  15. Love the office professional look in the first photo! But they are all nice.-J
  16. Same problem here, I haven't even seen the color of my lips for a year...need this fixed ASAP!!!-JZ
  17. NICE Thanks for letting us know!-JZ
  18. mmm hmmm my fingers are crossed it gets taken care of fast. This happened the other day as well.-JZ
  19. I just got that same message...glad to see it isn't only me. Hope it comes back up again soon.
  20. I have my fingers crossed that this does not go on for days this time.-JZ
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