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  1. Any News by now? Webpage and Forums are working again. Game still not able to connect with server. - Right?
  2. Good Luck !!! - Hope you'll manage it !!
  3. Hmm. Sending pics via PM? - Not sure if this is a good idea. Just think about people (often girls and ladies) on twitter and othe social media platforms frequently recieve unwanted dickpics or other types of harassment. Don't know if that was the original point when talking about 'harassment' in previous posts. Also take into considerration that pics and videos (as well as other file-types) are often used to spread malware, scams and others. So in any case such a functionality shoud come with a good settings panel to manage on an individual level, and of course safety measure to prevent t
  4. Hi all, since this post is already some years old, are there any actual recommendations about screen recording in game (ideally incl. sound)? //Thanks, DvP
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