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  1. For me, there is the question of whether server and internet connection for the increased of new user sufficient. I always fix the DC at peak times. And it would be nice if our gizmo would comment on that. So have a nice 2nd advent
  2. finally it is time, look forward to later. it just brings everyone in a good mood, the DJs bring the cool music. lets have a cool party Party starts at 8pm , warmup 7:30 PM
  3. thats right i miss my daily xgold too
  4. Iam proud to presents the legandary CLUB EXCSESS We invite you all to the opening from Club Excess and the bday from Mrs. Wollie Blue. Let's make a great party with amazing tunes and a good mod Party starts at 1# Dec 8pm All is CET TIME DJ line see in the Flyer
  5. I read this topic a few days, no matter what the problem is. The company does not comment on it, is not good. Everyone should think about paying more here. My booking will continue until march. I'm not so annoyed about the failure, I'm angry that the ceos do not comment , what is going on here. they will lose much trust.
  6. I am interested too Gremio!
  7. I'm sure we'll find another day to celebrate Bullis 73's birthday
  8. Grand Opening from MrsWollieEXC " BEAT FACTORY" On the 20th of January we want to celebrate the opening of the You only need to bring a good mood We want to start at 20th Jan 7PM CET All are welcome
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