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  1. There's a lot of cringe fucker(troll) in this game who haven't seen the sun for the last decade, but when you fuck in public you're making yourself a target for that kind of shenanigan . Similar thing happened to me back then and some friends had way worse when people could fuck them when they were afk with the rochi mod. Next time just go in character edit right away and reload the room. I never heard about that hacks though, but I don't fuck in public no more. Anyway sorry that it happened to you. its sucks.
  2. Just emote in general like winking, high five , laugh etc . All we had for so long is /salute and /applause. For a game oriented towards the social side that leave much to be desired. Yeah sure it's a sex game, but when I enter a room. Most the people aren't actually fucking. They're dancing, chatting or using my favorite wall spot.
  3. A bit ironic to say that us men don't enjoy spending time customizing our avatar considering that the vast majority of female avatar are controlled by male. Many male players play female avatars precisely because they have more option. I had the same looks for three years. Starting to smell funny, but there's nothing else that interest me in the wardrobe since there's no option that characterizes my tastes. Don't get me started with the haircut I could go on for a while.
  4. Not possible unless they have your ip and the only way they could get it is by having admin access to the server or they get it differently ( usually they get it when they stream music or you followed a shady link with an ip logger. All the lamest tool those wannabe 'hacker' usually use. Anyway .. if someone threaten you in any kind of way(https://3dxchat.com/game-rules.html). It against the TOS. Take a screenshot, report it and iggy the little booger.
  5. Seemed like she was sympathizing with Enetari just before. Who said 'sorry for my English just use the ignore button'. But since you seem to have figured it all smartie with a small portion of the discussion I let you go on on your crusade to make an admin look bad.
  6. I think she was just taken out of context.
  7. the way you delivered it was great.
  8. It not the same name. Just a capital i instead of a lowercase L
  9. Someone honest in 3dxchat
  10. Expect to see a server wide orgy when the server reopen. All of this sexual tension building up
  11. Emote like /blow a kiss /wink or /rofl with animation would be cute. Love the idea of new sounds
  12. Really. Also this person you talked with.. Know everyone in 3dxchat ? You know. Back when I smoked. I though everyone was smoking. Because everyone close to me did. Maybe he need new friends. 'most people' it a really big statement. Very tribal statement.
  13. This is such a bad idea. We'll end up with xgold farmer and virtual pimp lol.Why not gif slot or video slot when it get really expensive ? More customisation for your profiles etc. But xgold transfer. This is a terrible terrible idea.
  14. Susan if you don't like something just don't do it and your friend is a moron. Should never been a daily conversation. One 'no' should have been enough. Just walk away if you don't like something. You don't owe some sweaty little pushy jerk anything.
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