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  1. Yes,but only if someone checks them out first... and then upload them every week/month to us through update officially.
  2. This game will burn us! So now wife's and husband's could know what we doing? lol! good job!
  3. What? helps my training lol ^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAnSoOGf3Rc
  4. Ok! Looks like we got some alternative options here ^^ Thanks for sharing those But please do something about it.. Radio tunes was playing nice songs all day long.
  5. Alright just disable the antivirus for 10 min and run it as admin ..Its fine now!! Back in game )
  6. I am getting the same problem here... Did a restart and then this. Em has anyone solve it yet or found a way?
  7. I notice few minor in the night club,but you must have seen them already. A:What is going on with the music? there are times i enter and no music at all.. Then i have to restart or some times by turn on off my radio at home and then turn back. B:I cant grab a beer from the bar. C:My head turns and locks someone that might be a mile away sometimes..it looks so funny when you dance. D:I stuck in the couch and could not move at all ... E:Some girls are very hard to get them to bed Thank you for reading it!
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