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  1. No. They are all far away from the startpoint.
  2. Hi. I created a large room with 3 teleport-based elevators. When i start this room, sometimes i start at the "start-ramp" as usual. But sometimes i enter the room at one of the teleport-places. Does anyone have similar experience and knows how to avoid this behaviour? Regards Tim E. Traveller
  3. Cat, i had the problem that the teleport wasn't usable by female avas. Worked out that i had to rise the height of the pad a bit, so that it worked for both genders.
  4. 1. Bugfixing 2. Multilayer clothing for males (Shirt, tie and jacket independent for instance) 3. Partnerdance poses and animations including Ballroom and Swing-Dancestyles 4. More interactivity (movable assets, possibility to switch lights on and off etc. 5. World Editor - Bugfixing, especially regarding the save/loadfile-explorerbug - Nested grouping of objects, better selectability of objects, lettering, scalable textures, userdefinable textures
  5. So there's a workaround regarding the oneway-teleporter. But whats about a teleporter which is usable by guests of the room?
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