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  1. So Something I've always wanted to have in this game are intractable positions. The way they would work is you would initiate the position by yourself, and lets say you do a bent over pose on a ledge or table, you would stay in that pose and someone else could walk up and click on you and choose either anal or vaginal to start fucking you in that position. And the other big part, you wouldn't end the pose when they stopped, you would just go back to the same solo pose from before. This next part may be a stretch for some (But it's a kink) could have a toggle option to either ask you to accept before they can start fucking you or make it so anyone could use you as long as you are in the pose. I personally would really like to have this for some Free use/ public use fetish stuff, but it would also work nicely for normal scenarios. A doggy style bent over pose and a missionary laying on table one would be nice. And to include the guys in on this, having a laying, sitting, and standing option for most surfaces. I realize this may be harder for them to make then I might think, otherwise they probably would have done this with glory-holes, but I would really like to see this become a feature in the game. *Edit* BTW I think gloryholes should absolutely be added as one of these poses. Have the same dick through the hole solo animation for guys, but people can click on it to just start sucking/ fucking it.
  2. Thanks for the help everyone. I ended up with a pretty decent gray skin color with #AAE0FF.
  3. YES! I always hate when I enter a pose and am half naked already. Especially hate how it removes my clothes when I'm giving a blowjob. I should be able to keep my pants on when I'm giving head. I would love to be able to choose what clothing comes off and when. Just keep us clothed and let us take the clothing off, or give us the option to put stuff back on when we enter a pose.
  4. A couple for the men as well, they need some. They also need some better beards as well.
  5. Just a topic for new hairstyle suggestions. Male or female hairstyles Here a few I would love to have:
  6. I think this would be a cool feature. But maybe have something in settings to enable/disable receiving pictures, or an ability to make it so only people on your friends list can send you pictures. Otherwise I can see a lot of people sending other people unwanted pictures.
  7. Hey, so was making a new character for me to roleplay and I wanted to give them a certain skin tone. I've seen people around with really pale (more so than #FFFFFF) and some vampire/undead grey looking skin. I was wondering if anyone knew what color code gives these skin colors. I'll include a picture of someones skin tone as an example of the grey skin, unfortunately I don't have one of the pale white skin.
  8. So, I have a few Ideas for sex poses I would like to see. But if we could get a variation of squat fuck pose that's for the table added to the bed. And have the girls thrust all the way down as well, I can understand why it may have been done it the way it is, as the legs maybe clipped into each other too much. but I really want that squat fuck pose to go all the way down on the dick. So here are some poses I would like to see Reach around handjob/fingering or rubbing And these:
  9. No problem I'm glad things are working out for you.
  10. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but where do you guys normally find info on upcoming stuff? The topics I see on here regarding new stuff don't seem to be have been active for a while, with the exception of this one. Is it just the 3dx social media?
  11. Cool, I was just going to use a link to a post on the forum.
  12. So the title says it all. I thought I saw somewhere on here that people could get banned for posting links in chat. I run a RP brothel and wanted to link new girls to the info post I made about it to make my life a little easier. But I wanted to know if I would get banned for posting links, even if it's in a pm. Sorry if this is a stupid question, I just don't want to take any chances.
  13. Hello everyone, let me first state that I have the room owner's permission to post this advertisement about the room. So, I recently became the Brothel Boss over at the Police 69th precinct room. I am currently trying to recruit girls that would like to work there on a regular basis. If you are interested in becoming one of the girls or just interested in reading a bit about it, here is all the info you should know. The Job and Role-playing elements As a working girls at the brothel all you have to do is sit in the display windows looking pretty and try to get clients to hire you. You can pm potential clients to try and entice them to hire you, but we cannot advertise in local chat (We need to keep local chat clear for people to RP). I also encourage girls to get creative in trying to get clients (See next section for more info). Girls can take on more than one client of they wish to, they can even team up as a package deal as well if they wish to up their prices. The local law and how it affects us. According to the Laws set by the cops of the room, girls working at the brothel cannot do business outside the brothel. That means no public sex, and no working the streets. This however is only the case if you get caught doing so. As such, if any girls wish to live dangerously, they can accept a client's offer to pay for public sex, or attempt to find clients out on the street. But if you get caught, the cops will probably arrest you. It's all up to how you want to role-play your character. Payments accepted As it is a role-playing room we do want girls working as escorts to role-play having the guys pay them, not charging gifts. I know some escorts do enjoy charging gifts for their services, and while I am not personally against girls doing this in other rooms, we want it to be role-playing only here. If guys want to give you a gift anyways that is fine, but please don't charge gifts here. I also recommend that girls charge the clients before they service them, we had to have our security guy kick out a client for refusing to pay up. I do have a list of standard rates if you want to go the role-playing payment route. Though I do encourage girls to set their own prices, so it's more of a guideline to give you an idea of what prices are normally around. Rules and dress code We don't have a dress code yet, though when we do it will be an optional one. Possible used as a mandatory dress code for certain nights. As far as rules: Be respectful to other members of the room (If it's part of your RP please make it clear to the parties involved) Be respectful to the role-playing: This is a role-playing room, so if you get arrested don't just walk out of the cell when you get bored. Commit to the role-play and have fun. So how do you join? Anyone can be an escort here, we have some futas, but it's mostly girls so far. If you want to be an escort, just send me a pm in game or here. Also let me know if you've already read this or not (So I know if I need to explain things or not). Additionally let me know if you want to become a regular at the brothel/ how often you think you'll be coming here. You can work whenever you want to, even if I am not there. Once you're hired and know what to do, you can just come to the room and get to work whenever you're available to do so. Let me be real with you So I'll just be up front, I'm just a girl that likes to Role-play an escort. I don't have much experience in running things, and I'm honestly just doing this because I wanted to bring some life the the brothel. Once we have some girls working regularly I would like to get back to working at the brothel as an escort myself. And if someone comes along that really wants and enjoys working a position like this I would gladly pass the torch onto them. Additionally, this is a fairly new room all things considered, it can get pretty slow at times. But as one of the room owners ClaraLust stated in her own topic about the room "everyday the room gets more and more crowded". Additionally the brothel itself is a a little small. Four sex rooms and a large lounge in the back. While the owner is working on adding more to the brothel in the next version of the room, we can only accommodate so many people working at one time. But I really hope to build up a nice little team. I really enjoy coming to this room and role-playing an escort, building my character here, getting to know the community, and getting known by the community. I would love to see the brothel grow into something great, and get to role-play along with other escorts here. Conclusion So hopefully some of you are interested in coming and joining our growing role-playing community. Even if you don't want to be an escort, you're more than welcome to come and become a part of the room. I hope to see you guys there.
  14. So I had an idea for a feature that would make it easier to do poses and sex positions without having to stop and adjust to get into the right angle and such. So this would apply to solo poses/ dances/sex poses that can be done anywhere. Poses that are tied to furniture and such are fine as is, since you can edit that in the world editor. Basically what would happen is you would select the pose, and then you would get a little transparent image of the pose where your cursor is pointing. You could then move it around in a small radius around you. You would still need to be standing by where you wanted to be, but it would give you some more control on exactly where you do the animation. Then you could click to lock in that location you want to do the position, and then it would allow you to rotate the direction the pose faces. It would be very much like moving and rotating a block in the world editor, although you would only be able to move it to a spot nearby to you. That way you don't have people teleporting across the room to do a pose. This would make it easier to do stuff like dance on a bar without floating in mid air half off the bar, and having sex in a small space without being halfway in the wall. It would also allow you to do this without having to stop the animation and adjust several times before you get it right, and potentially ruining the mood of a scene. I'm not sure if anyone else would want something like this, or how high on the priority list it would be. But I wanted to share the idea just for it to be out there.
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