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  1. Yeah, I have the same problem as you at the moment Vez. It seems Prepaid codes are currently disabled. This wouldnt be a problem on its own, but darn, be more transparent to your customers for gods sake! Freezing the sale of prepaid cards would have cleared up a lot of confusion!
  2. So. Uh. On a related note: When will be able to activate Game time codes again? Since not everyone has a credit card
  3. Sorry for missing a few steps, but how is using a VPN related to the current state of the game?
  4. I tried it with my VPN and that didnt change anything for me. Logging into the website doesnt work either obviously. This is quite frustrating since I bought this new gametime and am now not able to use it with the timer still ticking down.
  5. Hey, despite current problems I managed to renew my account, however when trying to login to the Client, I get the "wrong email/password" message, depsite entering them correctly.
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