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  1. I'm not sure if you have tried this but I was having the same issue with some images that I had edited in photoshop. Don't ask me why this works but the following workaround has worked every time for me. When you have finished editing what ever image you are working on, save it as a jpeg, then open microsoft paint with the image. Then resave it. I know it sounds weird but it works every time for me.
  2. Suicide ClubSGC.thumb.jpg.3e1d7a9bacec678994e083a532faf700.jpg is the place to be come visit =D

  3. Trying to be artsy again xLL.thumb.jpg.6d3029b9d8ecb62e8dc0a1e7f3175bd5.jpg

  4. Hi all, I started the game a couple of weeks ago and one of my hobbies is art, so I have been trying to create some in game and would love to know what you think =D
  5. Chillinlexlori.thumb.jpg.0fc3e2e4986789bba89b0c4a706efccf.jpg

  6. Thanks for the like hun, hard times when we cant login =C

    1. PluushPuussy


      IKR I haven't found a fun party since the server-down, so it's not the night I was planning for myself.

      If I see any fun spots to pose at then I'll LYK


  7. I can't login so made another attempt at avatar art, what do you think?


    1. R0bT


      nice work

  8. Hello world!


  9. Hey, Can anyone tell me why I cant upload the attached files for my profile pic, I have try as jpg and png, various sizes and if I use the original screenshot it loads in fine. I feel like I must be doing something wrong?
  10. Morning world!

    Sexy Olivia Wilde GIF

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