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  1. Hi Niblette. Great to hear that you still improve the editor. It's the best tool ever and saved me literally hundreds of hours of building time Any chance that there will be a version that creates filled out shapes in the future? I know it must be incredible complex to calculate and create.
  2. I removed this very small path in the svg file, this might mess up things. Then I made the whole image larger in Inkscape. In Naughty Designer I used the values in my screenshot, they were working ok. 896672_3.world 896672_2.zip
  3. Will the "parents" have to change the used diapers of the offspring, too?
  4. Imagine the 3DXC chat would be something like Twitter, where you can get a ban for quoting Game of Thrones ("Valar morghulis" - "All men must die") or where the then sitting President of the United States was banned. This is not what I think "free speech" should be. In my opinion, how Musk will handle this with Twitter in the future is the right way: "By “free speech”, I simply mean that which matches the law. I am against censorship that goes far beyond the law. If people want less free speech, they will ask government to pass laws to that effect. Therefore, going beyond the law is contrary to the will of the people." In 3DXC we have the "report" function, the devs should just care to look at the reports. If the reported thing is against the law (or the TOS), then it should get banned. For everything else, there is the "ignore" button.
  5. That wouldn't work. I don't want to get a ban just because some mod has a different opinion or doesn't "like my nose". That would only lead to more drama, when some people get "mod power" and think they are the rulers now. "Who watches the watchmen?"
  6. "Are you a 7 / 10 on the 'fuckable scale', too?"
  7. We really could need that! Would reduce the building time a lot. And please let us invite people into the editor when we build. Then we could teach friends how to build much easier or build together.
  8. So true! But on the other hand: let these toxic people smash their heads in WC. If it would be gone, they would invade the LCs
  9. worst idea I heard in a long time! Nothing positive would come out of this. You can't rate people like movies, books or vacuum cleaners...
  10. You are right, but I just wanted to clarify what you meant with position Not to mix it up with the camera position from the thread title
  11. "enter position" should be "enter pose"
  12. blue for a male avi, pink for a female
  13. Yes, that's why I asked this in my first reply "Will this be adressed before the end of the submission period?" It won't help if the update comes out next october...
  14. would be the best thing ever if we could just import png files and use them like a wallpaper in our rooms! How about that, @Gizmo?
  15. As far as I know, some Lovense objects break the world file... Will this be adressed before the end of the submission period? Will the 3DXChat and Lovense logo be provided as world files or are we supposed to build them ourselves? And can we use already finished rooms that were built by ourselves?
  16. just put the landing teleporter just a bit "underground". That should work.
  17. resizing is working. Check that global and center is chosen, and that you hold shift while resizing!
  18. If, for some reason, you can't find the object in the file that you want to merge, here is a way that works in any case. But it's a bit more complicated. -Merge the file into your main room. -Open the file that you merged with a good text editor. There will be passages with something like this: "objects":[{"n":"SemiArch2","p":[0.00145345926,0.3586254,0.0127375126] "p" is the position of one object with the x, y, z coordinates. -You are still in your main room. Now create a box object somewhere. Make it REALLY big and glowing. Select it. -copy the x, y, and z coordinates from the file to the box object, so that it will be moved to the position of one of the merged objects. In this case, x = 0.00145345926, y = 0.3586254, z = 0.0127375126 - The glowing box is now in the position of the merged objects. So look for them inside the large glowing box. So what you did was just creating a "marker" in your main room and moving it manually to the position of the merged objects. The position can be copied from the file that you want to merge. I hope that makes sense
  19. What Cat is saying. Even on terrain, you can't walk up a mountain that is more than 45°. Let's hope the devs get rid of this bug!
  20. Some poses like the head dive are only available at the yacht or in the beach room. There is even a handwashing pose in one of the official clubs. And of course the beach volleyball... Would be nice if we could use these poses, too. And the ambient sounds!
  21. I might be wrong, but I don't think it matters if the room was built with the 32 or 64 bit client. In the end, the world files are simple text files with information for each object (size, position, rotation, material, color, etc.). In my experience, the position glitch, where an avi seems to be in another position than it really is, is more common when you have big height differences in your room (a tall building or structure). Lag is most common due to use of reflecting surfaces or smoke / water / light effects. What do you mean by "the noise"?
  22. Yes, but the "Bob and Betty function" is just a bonus. That's not what alt chars are for. I think Yasmin got the intention of an alt char wrong
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