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  1. did you try Niblette's Naughty Designer III? It's right in another thread. You can choose a color that will be not created, like white in a black and white pic (QR codes for example). This reduces file size.
  2. how would it look like if you have 5, 6, 7,... chats in parallel?
  3. but you need to be able to speak French to realise that he made the same topic in another thread in English, too (which is unneccessary). The best solution is the way you do it, French and English in one thread and the name of the thread in both languages, too.
  4. Wow! That puts Winterfell to shame! Awesome work, hope to see it "live" soon!
  5. Yes, it's not required, but it is "best practice" if you want people to be able to read what you write and respond to you. Not everybody knows French or German (in my case). :-)
  6. That's true, but it would be nice if the original author would translate it in the first place, like you do. Takes a couple seconds for him, but this way everybody has to translate this...
  7. Hi Fabuluz, good to see you are back Is it possible that you used an uppercase "i" for your "L"? There was a recent change that this is no longer possible. So your former name might differ ("Fabuiuz")?
  8. Yes, this bug is still there and it's annoying as hell Even if you save your room every two minutes.
  9. Hahaha, but I wouldn't use it for "cheat counting", but we could have some Playstation - like trophies: - fuck with 5 people that are not on your friend list in one day - fuck all the people in one room - cum 3 times while fucked in the ass - have a continuous sex session (with changing poses) of more than 2 hours - have more sex sessios than all the people on you friend list
  10. I would trust tens of thousands of players that are playing 3DXC for a very long timee more than a new AV update in a shitty AV software.
  11. you can click on the name of the person in the chat, this copies the text from the chat. Then paste it into Google translater or your translator of choice.
  12. there is a bug when you are near an objects that consists of many small objects. Then you fall through the floor.
  13. the doors are not movable in the world editor. You need to edit the world file itself and change the position and rotation manually. This is how the door object looks in the world file: {"n":"Door_2","p":[-8.741791,6.59511662,-40.1683426],"r":[0.0,0.0,0.0]} Edit the x, y, z values for "p" (position) and "r" (rotation) and save the file. Unfortunately that's the only way to use the doors.
  14. Someone posted the names of the "hidden objects" a while ago. ''bar_stool_3'' ''bar_stool_1'' ''luster_1'' ''Car_7'' ''6_colored'' ''6m_colored'' ''Gr1S'' ''Gr1Q'' ''door_1'' ''door_2''
  15. It would be a dream to have a dynamic skybox with the sun moving along the sky like in WildL*fe. Imagine a beach room where the sun slowly sinks, the lights go on and the stars appear in the sky...
  16. I have used this in several of my rooms. Didn't have any problems.
  17. That would be awesome! I was asking for this feature in the Discord server, too.
  18. There is a VW Golf car available. mystery room.world
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