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  1. I showed a calculation on the Discord server that in one year there are than 1.700 man-hours of work time. And that is only for one person. Do you think that these one or two updates we get a year equal the work of more than 1.700 hours? Or more than 3.000 hours if there are more than one dev?
  2. You mean quality like making a phone call with a slice of pizza when you "eat" it, or the clipping from hell when you are in partner pose and have a drink or something in your hand? Or the orientation bug when one of the partners was in idle 5?
  3. It's... working. But the controls are horrible. You are always in 1st person view and you have a small dot in the center of your view. It acts as the mouse cursor. It means you have to look at the space where you want to go and press the one button on the controller that is enabled. And forget about chatting. You need to look at every letter, click, then look at the next letter... If you can get the chat window to open at all...
  4. So what would be your 100% failsafe procedure to prevent minors entering the game (otherwise that it's forbidden in the TOS)? And how can you 100% be sure that somebody is not playing as a minor?
  5. I don't know how it is in other countries, but in Germany you need to provide the payment receipts of the last three months from your employer to get a credit card. So how can an underage person get a credit card? And you need one to initially create an 3DXC account. And if someone uses their parent's credit card, they will see an unknown transaction and will have a word with their offspring...
  6. How do you know it's a child and not an adult pretending to be one? How can a child buy an account, a (non-prepaid) credit card is neccessary to create it.
  7. there is your answer. You need to use a non-prepaid card. I suppose it's done this way to prevent minors to access 3DXC.
  8. what GPU does she use? Did she update the drivers? This looks like more like a display bug than anything else. Did she try to reduce all graphics settings in 3DXC?
  9. it's a great tool, but use with caution! It can delete objects that are really small. So a logo or text might get corrupted.
  10. What "card" are you talking about? As MissD asked before: - what streaming host do you use? I use MyRadioStream - what player do you use? I use WinAmp - what music format do you use? Gizmo made a post a couple hours ago on Discord that only MP3 and OGG is working, ACC does NOT! I use MP3. - is your music streaming link working when you put it in any browser? - you DO have a radio object in your room and you put your radio stream link in there and clicked on play? - remember that there is NO sound in the changing room in 3DXC - you followed all the instructions in this "manual": Streaming music into 3DXC chat rooms
  11. The font looks like Primer Print font. I made an alphabet with it, you just need to "fill" the letters Primer Print Font.world
  12. looks like your internet provider blocks 3DXC... You could try a VPN like Hotshield or Mullvad VPN and set your virtual location to another country.
  13. As you said, there is already Discord (and the 3DXC server there). So why waste precious resources and invent the wheel new? And what is difficult about Discord or the chat app of your choice?
  14. most of these things have been asked for since a long time. So I wouldn't hold my breath for it. But you are right, those were awesome to have!
  15. I strongly disagree! Imagine all that bullshit from World Chat would spread into the local chats... So all the toxic people have a place to be toxic. Let them have their fun there and everybody body else can enjoy mostly "normal" local chats
  16. Ohhhh that's SO good to hear! And I'm really sorry to have spread those false news I'm sure something must have gotten lost in translation when I heard that you "are no longer with us"... But hearing you are well makes me really happy I hope we'll meet in 3DXC again or just chat on Discord (dianaprincex). Kisses
  17. there are icons (*) in the menu bar for grouping / ungrouping objects. If you group several objects, you can select and move them as "one" object. (*) they look like inwards and outwards pointing arrows
  18. Ahhh, maybe he meant the opposite of "hardly agree"...
  19. why don't you like it? More instruments means more variety?
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