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  1. run as administrator and don´t use shitty 3rd party malware protection.
  2. Aha, and what does it mean? Tell us and we know, so everybody is happy instead of deleting a texture and ruining builders works.
  3. And for sure you can push your room, have a hundred strip girls and three bands. If i don´t like your room or your music i will leave..
  4. Not just the nose, please. Other people show it is possible! Spreadeagle Pose and tanlines please!!!
  5. Same as the coat should get an own layer te be worn also over top bottom or dress and option to wear it open with clothes visible (if you wear some ;)) and open it wide with spread legs like a flasher as a pose. You will say bullshit, but that would make a lot of fun for ingame photograpy, i love to make good pictures.
  6. I think the "busy" status should include a pm block, technically. Handle pm like offline.
  7. After the room list degenerates more and more into a contact exchange, I have my regular clubs or certain preferences and have to to search forever long every time i want to join, i also don't care at all which is boosted top or not, I will include the developers for these new features in my evening prayer.
  8. I would love to see more specific idle poses like this
  9. For building i use another avatar when i don´t want to get disturbed
  10. What for, giving fakes a better hideaway?
  11. No need to code, a bug does it instead, yiiiiiiihaaaa thank you!
  12. Any option to make a petition for that? There are lots of other threads and posts saying this. Why must i remove my jeans to give a bj?
  13. I fully agree, but i would like the option to set my default for what i get
  14. Same Problem with Mixxx and listen2myradio
  15. Every time? So i think your file is more than 8000 kb now. Most are less then 4000
  16. I see players multi layer the new fetish bra and bottom wear so it must give any glitch to still multi layer outfits.
  17. I sent you invite, thank you
  18. You see it already wearing a dress. But removing those wonderful leather thingies is a pity same that it is not pssible to wear em under a coat. Missing fantasy, and every grown should be able to remove clothes that do not fit at a time.
  19. More Actions, like clap to the music and take bow after you did a show...
  20. For me in Germany i found out, that when i connect to US Server, log out and connect to EUR server i do not have that many disconnects, Is it possable that the Problem is syncing our profiles between the areas causes the crashes?
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