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  1. No. If it was here so should be a link somewhere if the thread ain`t deleted. I don`t trust that devs don`t have any logs. They are working with accounts and payments. Maybe I am wrong, but you sound like they can`t do anything while I remember what they did. I have no idea why few people mixing two different types of spam. In game chats it always been like that.
  2. Can you link? Having a database is okay today. Gizmo said that no one can hides from him, so i don`t see any truth here. My attackers were banned. I do know that this delay of 60 seconds really stops spam. There is no chat spam anymore. Very few users know how to avoid this delay while this feature placed on the client side, that is why I asked devs to move it to the server side. Thanks to people who showed the problem. I don`t know why you mess a game chat spam with email adv spam. Room advertisment ain`t prohibited in chats as well as in forums. Chat spam is 3 or more same messages per time. Some people used spam bots. With 60 sec delay they can`t use it. I do know that It is a way better than in the past. World chat runs faster than people can catch a message. It is nice for egoists who supplanted and expelled other people by their 1 message per second like: "-ok -I know -but I am faster -you dumb..." This is between other 10-15 chatters in wc. So I don`t need to think. I play this, I see this. And you?
  3. Why so? Maybe no one use report. Is there a problem to check the logs and find the account connected with the last created character names? People asked something for a world chat, devs gave it. More problems with bugs today.
  4. Maybe they are listening, but will never catch a message while it runs one mile per second by tens chatters and tens advertisers. For ones who a little bit blind. This feature works not only against spam. PS: There are some people, in the world chat, who don`t know what in-game chat spam is. Unfortunately.
  5. This feature should be placed on the server side to avoid hackers at first. 60 seconds is okay in my opinion. We can chat, we can think before writings(yes, to think about self behavior too), we can read. What's the point of communicating if the chat runs faster than Flash Gordon? People didn't have time to read the answer. In the evening it`s just a hell and worthless at all. Was it cool for any communication? For ones who loves to attack newbies with their 1 message per second, yes. For those who communicate with respect for each other, this feature is okay. PS: Don`t blame me that I supported yalun`s opinion about 60 sec delay. Maybe today you see him aggressive or anything else sometimes, but this guy was attacked the same way in our world chat by assholes at his start. Before any judgment, learn the facts. Evil begets evil.
  6. Cupid is cool! β™₯Happy Valentine`s Day β™₯
  7. @Gizmo Move "60 seconds delay" feature to the server side please. People avoid this time limit because this feature placed on the client side.
  8. How expensive any game is depends on the number of payers. For this unpopular game genre $20 is okay. TESO has 40 developers, 14 millions players, $7-10 for a monthly sub. But for Alivia: no more micro transactions.
  9. A lot of people want and Gizmo promised to add this...long time ago lol
  10. She can let them(her friend list)know about changes. I thought she cared about technical issues. Her friends will see the new name in their friend list.
  11. No, you don`t lose your friends after changing the name. Friends sometimes disappear because of a bug.
  12. Agree. Bonuses are for BTP game model and mostly for offline games. There are no online games who stands on their legs without updates. I didn`t see any except pirated modifications. ps: 3dxchat still stays on its legs because of updates which are coming more often. Thanks.
  13. Okay, okay People who identify as polyamorous believe in an open relationship with a conscious management of jealousy; they reject the view that sexual and relational exclusivity are necessary for deep, committed, long-term loving relationships. ps: My Finnish friend calls it "free love".
  14. Polyamory (from Greek πολύ poly, "many, several", and Latin amor, "love") is the practice of, or desire for, intimate relationships with more than one partner, with the consent of all partners involved. It has been described as "consensual, ethical, and responsible non-monogamy". It sounds like group sex.
  15. You could start with that. It's not just me who didn't understand you. My needs are ok, you needs are too high. ps: that pic from discord was a wip if you do understand what is that.
  16. That is why we got "SISSY,WHORE,SLUT,BITCH" etc., collars πŸ˜’ It seems our devs are doing their statistic by most used rooms. *drops the mic and ends her sub to stop whining like a child*
  17. There are different people who stays for friends,for poses,for updates,world editor, anything else. It is not important. We are talking about the project and payment, about customers and service. How is simple.
  18. if people paid for 1 year, they can complain whole year.
  19. They have a right to scream, because they want those things they are paying for. You don`t understand what you are paying for, right? People are paying for promised updates as well as for a content which is already here.
  20. That is why subjective. This uniform is different with others in colors,shape and so on. But it is subjective because of lack in arguments. Why is this uniform bad? I didn`t see any arguments. "Pajamas" is not an argument. I can't figure out what she thinks is wrong with this uniform. Just this.
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