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  1. There is no sense to talk with jade. She is on a highest level of stupidity. Maybe it's innate. Sometimes people just born with this.
  2. no one cares about your members lol you repeat the same thing all the time.Get a doctor
  3. I am pretty well. I can`t say the same about you.
  4. It`s just your typical stupidity that people fought here for years lol
  5. You don't have any evidence at first, but you still accuse people for no reason. This is not allowed on forums. Second, you have no proof of my lie, because I didn't lie. So you're giving me another reason to report you for lying.
  6. Jade, will you apologize for your false stalking accusation?
  7. You are wrong. Less than 20% of women have been staked by men. Learn some math already. lol
  8. I know this a way way better than you. That`s all? Has your psyche already broken?
  9. Said a mind sick troll lol Thank you for your very subjective opinion, we are so appreciated that and waiting more of your cries.
  10. Stalking can affect your "real" health. Not virtual. You can iggy people in the game, but physically they can do nothing with you. They may search your social sites by your forum picture, but you have been warned about that in the past. Your choice if you want to be stalked. I am. By my friends/lovers. I can`t call them "stalkers" and they should be in my friend list to be able to /pm me in the game lol I came back just to report your spam.
  11. A human "eye", exactly brain, mostly separate an avi/body/person and environment. Here was a talk about design. Sometimes darker is better, sometimes is not.
  12. That is why Derai still not banned here lol Because you are wrong. Clear? You must have a heavy argument to blame people for such things as Stalking. ps: I am out. The wall because it is.
  13. Don`t blame by yourself. I understand that you want to show yourself smarter, but you can`t. Take your time and learn things. ObcessesedStatistian isn`t Derai.
  14. I reply you more than anyone else. Am I a Stalker? Who did say that she is a male while Derai have posted her pics here? Again you break the 4th law of logic. It seems you are such a rumor lover. Nae, she gave up to speak to you because sometimes it is like to speak with a wall. I feel this way too sometimes... most of times There no reason to stay "any" way, this or that, because there are no stalkers. This is an open forum lol Open, public forum. Omg
  15. There is only one dumb who always deviates from the subject. According to your logic, anyone who responds to your post more than 1-2 times can be a Stalker, which is nonsense. You didn't answer my question and call me dumb lol being complete dumb yourself.
  16. Stalking is unwanted and/or repeated surveillance by an individual or group toward another person.[1] Stalking behaviors are interrelated to harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person or monitoring them. Take a look on types of victims and Types of stalkers. Then argue your words about your stalkers for yourself.
  17. Because you are calling people stalkers by mistake.
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