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  1. 3dx is a good app in my opinion. I am not sure about addiction. A game cant make people addicted. People make it themselves. PS. 3dx can help to learn languages.
  2. Thats a fair hug. Respectful
  3. I like both. In way if we have our dnd Mode On and friends will not get notifications if we are online. Both modes can fit each other.
  4. Its not so realistic. You can not do this such way irl. In another hand.. Why not. And make an useful shower please
  5. Would be great to get an ability to customize the interface in 3dxchat.
  6. Why should they ban bbs rooms. There is no reason to do that and there is no information about that. They will not add a game market (like sl has) these years. This is difficult enough for an indie project. Everyone can Google that.
  7. Just one of common rooms that you can find in the room list. Actually, old players are everywhere and this Sin Club is the Last place where you can find most of them. I am in 3dx since 2014 and I dont like Sin Club as well as love island or night club, or yacht. Its much boring to be at the same place for years.
  8. It is a strange logic in case that their money are their player base. This is a way more strange to point at artists who asked for the better ability to add their things in 3dx and got it. If any artist wants to make things for 3dx, it doesn't mean that an artist has only one reason to do that. I recommend to try official version of 3dx because there are many of new poses were added "after 8 years". And there is no inventory. Is no needed.
  9. These are different types of clothing. Maiden dress has two parts for coloring and this just a solid object. Or you meant that. Btw, look at new skirt. This is a good quality with several maps. But I noticed that one old t shirt from 2014 year, became worse. There are wrong shades around bewb part.
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