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  1. Maddoxx83

    Fav Pornstars

    Miriama Kunkelova http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=1192818940 http://sexuhot.com/miriama-kunkelova-takes-two-cocks-porn-100270.html http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=655667733 Marcelinha Moraes Playlist http://www.pornhub.com/playlist/12917431
  2. First, thanks for all the updates and added stuff in the last 3 Weeks But like I said before, just working on the small, already existing, things would change so much more & add all the fun that's still missing Here's a small complete List of my small impacting ideas from the other threads: Please get rid off the whole restriction of avaiable Sex Positions depending on members in group. Group Sex is a true pain in the ass atm. The whole invite/kick group member porecdure to change between couple/threesome sex positions, misses the fun & easy handling the group sex affair shou
  3. Before working on something entirely new, please: Add a second more revealing graphic for existing clothing item, so that you can have sex while having clothes on or to tease others while in Free-Roaming Mode. The second revealing graphic of the clothing item gets activated, if a sex position gets activated while still having clothing on the avatar, or in "Free Mode" by clicking a second time on the item in the menu. Clicking the icon a third time takes the clothing item off like usual. Second Graphic Option should like: Open Trouser/underwear with erection for men Lifted skirt / rip
  4. Please get rid off the whole restriction of avaiable Sex Positions depending on members in group. Group Sex is a true pain in the ass atm. The whole invite/kick group member porecdure to change between couple/threesome sex positions, misses the fun & easy handling the group sex affair should have been right from day of 1. I think the easiest way to add this feature is: No matter how many people are in the group, 2 or 8 doesn't matter, everybody has every Sex Position avaiable all the time (Solo,Couple,Threesome,Lesbian/Gay) After chosing a sex position, you have to choose a Player fr
  5. Maddoxx83

    Fav Pornstars

    Taylor Rain http://www.youporn.com/watch/491302/in-the-heat-of-the-night-she-tries-a-threesome-and-likes-it/?from=search_full&pos=3
  6. http://www.xvideos.com/video10439936/baywatch_porn_-_feat_ella_mai_tabitha_stevens#_tabEmbed
  7. Make Sex Free for All… with no need to group Separate the option to have Sex from Group, and make it available all the time. Just treat Sex as an own kind of group in the game code, invisible to the Players. Everytime you accept a Sex position change, the group gets closed, and a new group opens in the new position. You can click on up to two Players, then you choose a Sex Position, the other Player/s gets your Offer with the option to accept/decline… like usual, just without need to be in the same group with each other. Example: You play Tina and enter a User Room with many other Players. You
  8. Erection on/off Button with animation. Let the male characters save two different penis sizes in Character Customation, smaller size for erection-off / bigger size for erection-on Let female characters change between hard/soft nipples with a button whose state of erection others can actually see under shirt/top
  9. I think the Devs already did good work with the Love Island Location and added some more private areas with the Beach House and the open Ice-Berg. A change between day/nght time in open-air locations would be nice... but I wouldn't divide it in two different zones... just add a timer. Some Locations are already pretty empty sometimes... if you add two different Zones for the same location would make them appear even more empty. I posted some Ideas in the existing Location Thread that includes all new ideas from here and even more... into one new Outdoor Area with small buildings that you can
  10. I would like to see a Street/Town Area which links all current locations. On the Street/Town Area you can see the outside of the NightClub and SinClub... ...if you walk down the streets you arrive at the pier where you can "buy" a ticket to access the Yacht/Love Island... ...or you walk along the Pier to enter the beach area... or you walk up the steps on the other side of the town area to enter the User Home Appartment Complex... ...dirty Back Alleys where the dark side of daily businesses are handled... ...little Love Motels with Neon Lights which you can rent for an hour... ...a small pol
  11. I forgot Razor from Maniac Mansion... who was modeled after the then-girlfriend of one of the programmers... Tori Amos. You can load and play the defining classic in many languages for free here btw: http://www.chip.de/downloads/Maniac-Mansion-Deluxe_13013383.html
  12. Maddoxx83

    Fav Pornstars

    I like the late 90s porn because the people behind the camera learned their craft like normal directors (Camera Angles, Cuts, pacing and lighting)... and one scene never takes longer than 25 minutes. Today you only get poorly filmed overlong gonzo trash where the actresses get treated like dirt... or artsy fartsy porn for "women" like these Andrew Blake crap:/ Also there arent real PornSTARS these days... theyre more akin to hookers that get lost in front of a handheld camera sometimes, which every "Fan" can fuck on the next public gangbang for the price of a DVD...But to each his own... i'
  13. Maddoxx83

    Fav Pornstars

    Another classic... but still fantastic^^ Olivia Del Rio & Monique Covet http://www.pornhub.com/interstitial?viewkey=1750399084
  14. Maddoxx83

    Fav Pornstars

    ...still alive... but took the Road from Eurotrash straight down to Silicone Valley CHRISTINA BELLA http://www.pornhub.com/playlist/12908031
  15. Maddoxx83

    Fav Pornstars

    Don't think so... looks like she got impaled somewhere in Transylvania^^
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