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  1. I need more of this in my life
  2. No such thing as too much lube indeed. Play safe = play smart
  3. Nektar

    Erotic Comics

    InCase is a legend
  4. To all the daddies out there. Thanks for enriching the lives of us queens
  5. That's a fair request, or the option to choose a default peen.
  6. It makes you wonder how much game-life mirrors real life. I hope the intrigue-bakers keep their scheming to their online lives, because if people do stuff I see them doing to one another in-game out in meat space, I'd be terrified.
  7. We don't deserve you, Piney! You're too good for this place
  8. First off, welcome! And second, this stuff tends to move in cycles. Now that I'm back I will force this place to be fun again.
  9. Mistress Nekky. Fun in the spa. All class, all the time.
  10. The Soul Pretender album is great to listen to when you're losing your mind
  11. Found this single on vinyl a few days ago. Could not resist snagging it.
  12. I've been in this game and the dating game we call "real life" long enough that you'd think that by now being stood up wouldn't be such a big deal. Not gonna lie though. Still stings a little, every time.
  13. My cat just knocked down and broke one of my favorite kitchen appliances. You're running out of lives, buster...
  14. Piney, you shouldn't feel that your sexual orientation is somehow "not okay". You were born to love and be attracted to the type you're attracted to. Call it archaic or whatever you want, what's nice about sexual orientation is you just know when it feels right. You be you
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