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  1. Interesting! It correlates a lot with my own activities on here on a macro level. Early on it was a lot of sexual rendezvous, hitting up new people, exploring and experimenting with the different poses etc etc. As I've "matured" as a user, I find myself spending a lot more time chatting and/or exploring different rooms, dancing, what have you. After a while I've figured out who I am sexually in this game, mystery solved. So the mystery becomes everyone else. Hence more chatting with other users, exploring their creations, listening to their set lists and so on. Safe travels, Travel
  2. Night Club just released a new album. For your listening pleasure:
  3. Manoman I should apply for a position.
  4. Hey, if you've ever paid taxes, this is a nice return on investment. Get what's yours, Kesha
  5. Damn, I look hot! Sorry, just had to admire my avatar for a bit. You sexy bish ❤️
  6. More Hot Dad from the 2016 primaries. Probably my favorite 😁
  7. Thanks @BadWord and @Kaplan for a kick-ass night
  8. It's been really interesting reading about your experience, JP. It confirms some of the concerns I would have about getting into a 3dx marriage, and how it might change the experience. But then some players actually want that experience (well, not the negative aspects of it I'm sure, but the commitment. If your curiosity isn't sated yet, I'd say have a talk with @SusanLouisa and @Vaughan_Rarius. I jokingly call them the power couple of 3dx but fact of the matter is they've been married for a while now and things are still going strong between them. They might offer you some insights into
  9. Hmmm, you added cereal and then milk, and now you're in hell?
  10. *Sends hugs* You are too good for this place, JackPine
  11. Ohh, you might not want to go there, JackPine 😬 It's shorthand for "that ho over there"
  12. Believe me out don't, but it's nice to know you're still alive and kicking, Jade. I hope, perhaps naïvely so, that people will leave you alone to do your thing
  13. Sexiness in general, or is this a specific person we're talking about?
  14. Wow, I was really late to the party on this one! Excellent work EX I am definitely going to be tweaking the Bloodrayne look! As should you, @JackPine
  15. Maybe so, but Jennifer Connelly's character is still high on smack and doing this to feed her addiction. That movie is brutal.
  16. Here's a Swedish cover of Bob Dylan's Tomorrow is a long time performed by Thåström - Men bara om min älskade väntar (who in turn is doing his own interpretation of the band that originally covered it, Nationalteatern)
  17. Those two mixes are disturbingly catchy, Lux 😁 This one if from the last election, but Hot Dad still brings a smile to my face
  18. What the flud did you do, Badword?
  19. And now I'm depressed. Fucking Requiem for a Dream.
  20. Sexy people want tan lines. Sexy people demand tan lines. Let's make this game sexy.
  21. Omg new album released by <PIG> this week. Sacrifice and suffer no more, my pretties 🥰
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