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  1. As hard as I try, all I get is the following
  2. 3 of those sites are blocked by my Anti-Virus software
  3. Sometime its all down to how well you manage your assets... Grass on the left is the default grass..... in the right you have 4x4x4 grass.... covers a massive area, with less requirements
  4. Not sure why girls can't be allowed to do that.... You can just imaging a bunch of girls standing around some annoying guy wanking themselves off
  5. I am hoping Etched Fonts are the next big thing
  6. when you have an etched font, you can do some pretty good effects
  7. Sometime, the spawn point get clogged up with players who simply won't move from the Spawn Spot... sometime they block other players from entering the room. So could we not have a 60 second timer... either they walk of the Spawn Spot within 60 seconds or they get get kicked back to their dressing room. The way I see it, players who who don't move off the Spawn Spot, are just ruining the game for players who want to enjoy it.
  8. Alternatively, find a builder who will help you.... I charge a minimum of at least one of the following gifts
  9. If the @Lovense Community also want a copy, I will freely supply at no cost...
  10. I know that there a few clubs hosting Pride events at the moment, so any of want to add a @Lovense CommunityLGBT version of their logo, please feel to contact me
  11. Unmistakably, the best way to randomly plant trees & bushes in the same spot
  12. Don't feel so bad, when my VPN software kicks in, I can't even start the game... I have Windscribe
  13. I just add that to my favourites.... Yes I used it already in my new venue I am designing... so much easier than trying to to place trees randomly over rocky terrain myself...
  14. Hey @Nikki Troubleif its one of my ABC Fonts you are having a problem with... then I don't mind assisting with your build if I am free, I may even customise the font to make it more unique to your room
  15. Not sure the room is still being hosted.... https://3dxclubs.events/2021/04/21/the-matchmaker/
  16. I think we all understand about Game Patches @Gizmo whereby you release bug fixes to the game. But have you ever considered having Content Updates... what I mean is mini updates to the game, simply adding all the Work in Progress that @Lisa keeps teasing us all with on Discord. You could even use this as a way to test that new content features actually work for us players... because I am sure that if any new content you releases doesn't work, there will be enough players to write back on this forum to complain about any bugs we find with the new content.
  17. I see my ABC Fonts more than just simple letters... for example, in the New Venue I am designing, I see an Entrance & Window's to my club
  18. I would suggest that when a new player creates an account, they get to choose if they are auto-assigned a parent.... so pregnant players can have a baby
  19. Then add option to allow a player to allow friends to locate them
  20. Self suck for everyone... Guys & Futas sucking their cocks & girls licking their pussies
  21. It would be cool of you could have a walking circle.... basically when a player spawns into a room, they are forced to walk along a set route, rather than stay at the spawn point
  22. I think I need to re-read 3DX Chats T&C regarding https://www.patreon.com/ ... because I know some games state Patreon funded Mods/Builds must become free after a certain period
  23. @EagerHank have you tried remaking your surfboard with 2 Eggs, because I walked right up to my Twin Eggs Surf Board
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