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  3. thank you so much. so not easy for me finding one that is affordable for my pocket yet. for my type of work i need a laptop unless can get a pc that is portable enough to just pop on a bag and carry around :))
  4. Hi guys. So sorry for the bother. I know all about.the min requirements for playing. 😥 but please I am not very computer savy. Anyone out there that can pretty pretty please suggest what laptops brands and so on is out there haveing the specs. I search all over and I am lost. Complelty and please I can't afford zillions so anything that might be sort off affordable. Love you all.
  5. You will be missed by all


    1. TenaFoxxx


      This may be only a virtual world, but we are real people behind these avatars... And woody aka lefty was genuine, real and a great friend. Loved his country room and music. He maybe gone from our midst, But not forgotten. 

      RIP CURVED Wood. 

      You are in Country Heaven now. 


      Wild Honey

  6. Hi guys please any idea how long still before game is up. I am starting to turn into a skeleton here and believe me not a good look on me.
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