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build 363


- Redesign of the Beach location.
- 2 sex poses have been added.
- Home layout Save/Load from file option has been added.




- Switch the camera mode using the F5, F6, F7 keys.
- You can't turn on VR mode if VR device is unplugged.
- Photo Uploading with uppercase extensions has been fixed.
- Sound echo has been fixed.
- Standard water quality is set by default, high quality water is currently experimental for now.
- Hide VR gaze pointer by Shift + Z.
- Lost chat and profile window fixed, when you change resolution from high to low.
- Head and Body buttons in the Character Editor have been fixed and zoom in correctly.
- You can now use wall poses on the walls in the user rooms.
- Furniture collisions have been disabled in Home Editor.


If you have any troubles with patcher, then follow these steps please.

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Learn more about upcoming updates on 3DXChat Telegram Channel (100+ members already joined) https://t.me/play3dx


build 388


✅ New materials

✅ Improved eye shader (eyes will be more realistic)
✅ User Interface Scale option
✅ New Poses mf/fm/ff/mm>bed>foreplay
✅ Ignore button added to profiles
✅ Delete button and Ignore button added to profile of ignored user
✅ Update later button for new patches
✅ Updated cumshots
✅ Starting area increased
✅ New way of applying lipstick (saturated lipstick color)
✅ Offline Messages between friends
✅ Black skin color, new faces, eyebrows
✅ New hairstyles

✅ Server restart alerts

✅ User notifications from admin

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