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  1. Would be so great they add it to the Discord channel, thank you, great job
  2. Meanwhile at 3DXChat headquarters
  3. I am not new here I have around 3 yeears in this game and THEY think they get peeps cause graphics cause is the only good thing they have
  4. Ms.Dani they should we are paying for this, is theirs job tell us about any server d.c This is not free
  5. I am wondering... If you are planing some kind of manintance shouldn't you to tell to your customers at least 24 hs before? and shouldn't you tell to them around how many hs this should take? I don't know is just my thought maybe I am wronge and important marks like yours don't need to interact with their costumers
  6. He already said something about it but as always it was only words I would'nt mind pay for avoid spam but would be better if those idiots that spam all the time should pay for do it "Come to my room come to my room my self esteem is on the floor"
  7. I hope its becuase a new update is comming a good one
  8. I see this is not working yet YEY!!! I love this game and the devs more and more every day
  9. I am trying to load my room and this keeps loading the other one I have loaded its anoying
  10. Would be a good way to spend those usefull XGolds too... just saying
  11. Really that's all?
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