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  1. Just want to add my 5 cents to this topic. I unable to play the game I paid for a month already, because they made something with their servers after first DDoS and now I always getting disconnected. All I get from the support is advice to use VPN. Should I pay for VPN now to play the game I paid for? The support and customer service in this game are awful. Devs mostly choose to keep silence instead of sharing what's really going on. And no, it doesn't require a lot of time to share this info. You telling, that they have not much money, they have little team, but what they really did to g
  2. I have the same issue, each time I join any room I getting "Connection lost" error.
  3. I think, there is no such pose still because of different breast sizes. So I wouldn't expect poses like that in game.
  4. Would be great to get at least poses, that they announced, tired of waiting...
  5. It's speed of free cam, numbers are values of speed, so you can create settings of speed, which you want to see for free cam to fly, when you pushing Shift, Alt, or Space.
  6. What exactly poses you want to see?... I mean, not really much ways to have sex, if you not going to use strap-on, right?
  7. They don't make facial expressions by moving sliders side to side.We did seen some screenshots with completed animations from the pool, but here I see how they showing off possibilities of the tool.
  8. Then what they working on at this screenshots? Some grimaces?
  9. No more posts from devs here, as you can notice, now they post it in their telegram and sometimes twitter. Post will be here after release maybe.
  10. Yes, I don't know, how exactly unity works and didn't host rooms for pretty long time, so I will not argue about how it works. And yes, people with older computers will feel the game worse with each update, if it's not optimization update, but we got new graphic before, now we got world editor and 64x client, maybe thats time to move future. Anyway, we will see it soon, I hope.
  11. Yes, 2 animations, but one file, need to send the file for each player, but only one file for two players, as they use same pose, instead of each player will use own animation and it will be one file for one player. I know about band width, but I don't think, that it's too bad, if you will see custom pose with few seconds delay. Drawing an analogy with VRchat again, there is not only custom animations, but custom characters, effects, sounds, almost all. And there is no problem with that, when someone enters the room, all players load all data about this character and thats few seconds delay, b
  12. Well, about performance. As I know, there is video card, that responsible of textures, graphical effects and such. And processor, that responsible of physic and skeleton of models, objects, AI and such. So if you look in 3DXchat, you can see, that video card usage is max, but fps is low (beacause of textures and resolution) but processor usage very low. As I know, video card is not used to play animations, video card used to draw textures and effects. But as you can see almost all perfomance in 3DXchat stops on video card, because here is no real physic, no AI and NPC. This screenshot I made i
  13. They disabled new registrations on forum because of lack moderation. Gizmo said about that somewhere on the forum.
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