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Features from mods in the official client


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-make the camera work like it does in the .dll in the world editor

-let us color the short white jeans

-make it so we can color at least some of the ankle high boots and other shoes

-add a palette for skin color

-let people wear horns and ears together or with hats by making it possible to select more then one type of hat some combinations work well for costumes 

-more control over the sex speed slider I never touch it but the range is to small it should go from paused to 100% speed

-add some leather bracelets we can color

-lets people color the baseball hat, elf's hat, witches hat, and the top hat

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Smart move ! Now hoping this moves forward and doesn't remain a fruitless tree.


Rochi has been a member for a really long time, and you know very well that she isn't ill intended at all with her work.

You can tell from the time she has spent before helping people in your technical support thread, to creating these mods to help improve the gameplay. Improving user gameplay to a level I can't even express, as some are very basic features that we should already have in game after 6years of existence.  She listens to user feedback and does her best to follow through. So you'd gain in finding a way to work with her, or whatever sort of compromise you can come up with to add her features. Also her mod often ends up fixing actual game features that your updates break and go unnoticed, and I know for a fact that her mods have kept some people from leaving the game at times when updates were inexistant. 


As an example, I have tried the world editor when it came out, then I tried it with Rochi's mods. Now ? I wouldn't bother using world editor without her mods as it makes it much more user friendly. But her biggest contribution comes with the character editor, where game lacks the most, helping me not be a clone, sort of lol.


Just see the features listed on her blog and on that list... I'll say... EVERYTHING !


Thanks for listening !

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The main reason I used Rochi's dll were for the following.  I would like a much slower camera in the world editor.  A more wider range of sex speed to near zero movement, would be awesome to have in the game.  The ability to separately control the volume of ambient sounds from chat chime and sex sounds, would greatly improve my experience at both the Beach and Love Island.  Having a way to save outfit selections, would also be really nice to have.


I wasn't a big fan of 'ghosting' sex positions with an invisible partner, because it was so buggy.  I wouldn't mind seeing an official supported version of 'ghosting', that didn't bug the game, so that we can combined various sex poses together.

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Thank you Gizmo for taking notice. It is very much appreciated.


Would it be in your interest to let a select few like Rochi have some ability to make some things?? Would that free you up to focus on other needs and issues?



Could the ghost bot feature of Rochi's ,dll be taken to the next level as a sort of pose creation tool, albeit limited in some way??

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He asked for screenshots. Why is nobody posting any?


You are Right... for example here for the Rochi's Dll... (like if nobody knew it already... :P)


In Dresing room...

*You may save your setups, clothes and accesories, then load them back for a fast change

*"Color palette for skin color"...May Modify your skin tones beyond the available ones, and the nipples tone too... ;)

*Bijouterie and top wear have duplicated accesories like the collars or some dresses, to allow sex without taking them off.

*Stored custom colors are the double with the Dll..(no matter if they goes deleted every update... :lol:)



Sexual gameplay...

*Summon a Ghost, Hell yeah!!! allows you to make RP's and desing new custom poses... ^_^

*The Bot may cum and stains face, belly and feets... and you may return it's clothes on again, very useful to modelate your creations in your rooms and test them.

*Speed bar is more sensitive and you may even slow the animations that much that seems to be stopped, or stop it completly with the buttons apart.

*Keep yoru Dress/Skirt on to make an "outdoors" casual "Kinkyness"




For my side i put this ones... i leave the rest for you guys... :P


This expands the gameplay of everyone who use it in several ways, so please Keep Rochis!!!... :D


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*The Bot may cum and stains face, belly and feets... and you may return it's clothes on again, very useful to modelate your creations in your rooms and test them.

Maybe I am misreading this, and I admit my reading comprehension skills are not the best, but I think Rochi attempted to modify the game where you could have cum on the female body in all three possible locations of the avatar but it ended up crashing the game.

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Awesome thanx for asking us this :)


Honestly like tha others have said, everyting about tha DLL is good, every feature is useful and well thought out and makes tha game better in mah opinion. Rochi is trusted and listens to tha players so hopefully you will too.


Here are some tings from tha Player Editor that ah find useful with tha Rochi Mod.





Save to File Save Character to file as .dat file. (Saves outfit and look of character)

Load Character Load a Saved Character Save File.



Time Display for Players Local Time. (Displayed in game at all times, option to turn off)



Color Values Manually input RGB color values.



Color palette for Skin Color Enables you to use the color palette to select your skin color.

Opacity Slider Sets the Opacity for selected color. 



My Colors Extra slots for Custom Colors to be Saved.



Eyes Makeup Intensity Larger Values to customize eye Makeup. Also Eye Brow Intensity.

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Gizmo, I am sure you see pretty well how much Rochi's work valued by 3dx players community. There is some features that are unable to be properly shown on screenshots, like camera control or advanced speed slider. You really better just try Rochi's dll for yourself. It will not take a lot of your time, but will give you a lot more than screenshots.

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The main reason I used the 3rd party mod was the camera control while in building mode. I am not on 64bit client yet because of this.

I hate the clothing coming off automatically when going into poses, and while the 3rd party mod didnt fix this, it did allow you to put them back on during the pose, but I'd much rather a hard lock on it.

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Just a first input, for sure not complete:


* Dedicated setting of volume of ambient sound / muting completely

* FlyCam: Pressing ALT Key while moving speeds up more than holding the "Shift" Key / Pressing CTRL while moving slows down compared to not pressing any key

* Raised by Xanar already: Copy Texts from the Chat window without usernames. Hold CTRL to copy it with username

* additional color slots for cloths

* Raised by Aliviax already: longer Chat Log 

* Slider to  increase/decrease speed in poses (down to zero speed as well)

* Nice to have: Switch to enable/ disable time stamp per entry in the Chat log 




For the Screenshots I have not seen in other posts yet (sorry if I just missed them):


Ambient sound slider (even separate one for footsteps and moans (moans could well be louder)):




(Available via "Settings" at the left side of the screen)


Time stamps:




(Available via "Settings" at the left side of the screen)



How it looks like within the chat window:






Thanks a lot!

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Gzmo, here are rochi's dll features i think should ABSOLUTELY be made in the game:


1- the roll dices option so we can continue to play user created mini games (work with the commands /roll for Dice 100, /roll1 for one 6 sided dice and /roll2 for two 6 sided dices)


2- the male/female ghosts (f2 f3 call them f4 exit the ghost mode) so we can continue to use the user created sex toys and bdsm machines


3- the possibility to color every clothes (even the green hat)


4- the "larger" speed bar for poses so we can slow the poses or stop them (usefull to take precise screenshots)


5- the camera speed which is slower in rochi's dll


6- the possibility to color eye brows (in rochi's dll) and pubic hair (not in any dll) the same color than hair


7- more color slots in the color palette


8- the possibility to dress undress the "virtual partner" ( can't take screens as i've put the 64b client in the old folder so i can't access the 32b client anymore) also, the possibility to make him/her cum or moan with the command left shift+B


9- being able to stay clothed while having sex (though, it create some glitches like by exemple shorts not removed when being fingered or the hand passing through dresses while masturbating)


10- get back the menu of actions while pole dancing


There, i more or less wrote the more important ones. All the others are secondary for me.

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Camera Control:
- Ctrl slows down FreeFly(F5) SPACE in Home Editor
- Alt and Shift speed up FreeFly
- Shift+X toggles name plates on and off.
- Character Editor allows smoother and closer zoom
- FreeFly now has a simple MouseWheel zoom in/out function (Set "Step Size" in options to get it working)

Chat stuffs:
- Chat deletes messages after 50 instead of 20.
- Link Copying. Hold Shift to copy old way.
- Web link opening by holding down Left CTRL while copying.
- Annoying chat bug caused by Hide UI fixed
- Holding down Left-Alt stops automatic chat scrolling.
- /roll rolls a number between 1 and 100

Char Editor:
- Prints on clothes.
- Prints save on specific clothes.
- Added colors for lots of clothes
- Added skin color palette
- Character Editor allows smoother and closer zoom
- Shoes color 2 works but only people with my dll will see them colored.
- Added a simple SET/GET RGB Color Picker after opening the Color Palette.
- Save/Load outfits in Character Editor.
- Opening a Color Palette brings up Opacity Slider.

Bots stuffs:
- You can now make your bots cum x)
- Shift+B works for "Bot Cumshot" as well.
- Added a lil clothes control box for Virtual Partners
- F2 adds a fake female partner, F3 adds a fake male partner. To set you off of "bot mode" you need to press F4, after which your ghost partner will no longer auto accept poses but it fixes other players joining into the room x)

- Sex Speed Control randomizes the animation speed slightly. "Slider does it around slider position" Click on "Off" to have static animation again.
- Removed clothes restrictions in sex poses!
- Dances menu for pole dances!
- Ambient sounds are off by default. Put them back on from settings (F1) top left corner.
- PageUP cums, PageDOWN moans no matter conditions.
- Shift+F pauses and plays animation rather than just simply freezing it.
- Sex speed slider from min 0.1 - max 1 to min -1.5 - max 1.5 You can now completely stop the action or reverse the animation
- "Left Shift+Space" toggles on and off the extra gear for rabbit fucking in the sex speed slider.
- Replaced the broken room closing alert with a simple message x) And I've still got stuck in the loading screen afterwards so I guess this didn't help :( (You can still remove loading screen pressing F7 though.)
- F12 Refreshes the Radio Stream.


All dll....LOL 




http://it.tinypic.com/r/2m4y9hw/9     (IMAGE)

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Gizmo, you're an idiot. You have not made significant progress in the development of your game. You didn't want the help of others. Because you want to eat all the bread yourself. The reason for opening this issue is to learn how the modes prepared by others work and include them in the game. In this way, you will develop your own game with the ideas of others. Instead of asking how the prepared modes work, you can include people who created them to the development team. Despite stupid developments, you will lose customers quickly. But it's not your fault. It's the fault of other fools who think you're trying to do something nice. These people want different outfits, hairstyles, poses, dances, animations, gifts, animations, more useful editors (like the world editor) and similar improvements. You don't deserve so much attention. Sorry for the awful English language. But not for other things :)

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Maybe I am misreading this, and I admit my reading comprehension skills are not the best, but I think Rochi attempted to modify the game where you could have cum on the female body in all three possible locations of the avatar but it ended up crashing the game.


You readed fine, Bots may cum in all 3 spots but no simultaneously.. :P i agree that may be misundesrtood...


However at this moment with Rochi's Dll...

2 simultaneously spots are for real!!!... ;)


Players can do that too, and the trick is...


1.Use the last wanking eyaculation...

2.Use the belly couch one...


3... relax, you will need to replenish fluids.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Take a Look



So yeah.. keeping that feature in the Rochi's too would be nice...


Double (or if you Can Triple) Cumshot is apreciated... ^_^

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