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Happy Birthday 3DXChat Community: 8 Years


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Happy Birthday 3DXChat Community: 8 Years

Our wonderful community turns 8!
We sincerely congratulate you all on this event and are excited to share what we have prepared for you.


A lot of great content has been added to the game this year. More details on all the updates. Here are some of them:

  • Lightning Effects for parties
  • 200+ new animations (including dance moves and sex poses)
  • 25 new hair styles for men and women
  • New Faces, Tattoos, Outfits, Nipples customization
  • New building blocks and materials for World Editor

Discount 50% on all memberships

In order to support you while you stay at home, 3DXChat has decided to cut prices in half to give you the opportunity to be social and keep in touch with friends in a virtual, secure world. So enjoy, stay home, and stay safe 💗

Bonus 50% XGold

Good news everyone! Buy gold and get + 50% bonus on your account 💰
XGold bonus is over

With sincere congratulations and love,
3DXChat team  😘

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8 years?!  I have been here only 1/2 year and am surprised the place hasn't killed me, yet.  In a good way!  I am having the time of my virtual life here among you all, and the worlds you are creating to share and explore.

May the next 8 years bring more success, growth, and an infinite amount of take your breath away moments that only 3DX can bring to life!  Thank you!!

Now, if you can excuse me, I need to retrieve my clothes from the club I was in last night.  Been happening a lot lately...

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Alles Liebe und Gute zum Geburtstag von 3DXChat wünsche ich dem Entwicklerteam. Das Game ist von seiner Grafik und den Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten einzigartig und für mich mehr als ein billiges Sex-Same. Ich wünsche mir noch viele schöne und spannende Momente in diesem Spiel, welches mir viele Kontakte weltweit möglich gemacht hat. Weiter so...

Eure Looona


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