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  1. There is no question of copyright, other games let us share our photos and images without having any problems. On Thrixxx's Chathouse I use all my images, all my annimer gifs, etc etc and they have no issues with anyone. So I don't see why 3DX would have problems, especially since Thrixxx is not the only game to give free access to images and photos !! The pretext is purely and simply ridiculous, there is an innumerable number of images of textures which are not subjected to copyright. For the construction of my chalet and my club I have a stock of more than 300 images (which I do not
  2. Hello and a wonderful year to all of you despite this difficult period. I'm creating this petition so that the game designers finally let us include our images and photos in our constructions. For the moment if we want to include our photos in our constructions we are obliged to transform them into 3D images, This transformation is complicated and makes the images much heavier than a simple image. I think it urgent that we can include our photos in our achievements without paying extra of course. I could give you another game that plays in this way without any constraints. Let m
  3. TatyTh


    You blocked my account when I didn't say anything bad !! Nothing wrong !! By what right do you block people's accounts without asking for explanations? I pay to have a quality service and not to be blocked for no valid reasons !! Politeness is that you contact people before you block them !! You are playing with my money and this !! I do not support it !! I have the right to explanations and I demand them !! This kind of behavior is unacceptable !!
  4. Bienvenue à toutes les filles et à tous les garçons, je suis Taty et j'ai l'honneur de vous annoncer l'ouverture de la 💃🕺 🥂🍻 🎶🔊La discothèque Monastere🔊🎶🍻🥂🕺💃 Comme vous le voir la can is discothèque d'Une équipée piste suspendue transparente Que vous ne trouverez Dans Club Aucun Autre, la piste accessible par les EST Juste à côté escaliers de l'entrée exclusive de Une idée TatyTh bien sur tout le monde est le bienvenu Quelques photos à vous donner une idée de ce lieu ludique et convivial Merci et vous souhaite une merveilleuse soirée au 💃🕺Discothèque Monastere🕺💃
  5. Hello ... would it be possible to have the link (My Share) please ... Thank you

  6. I don't understand why you are talking about YouTube? I don't talk about it anywhere !! I don't care about YouTube ... I'm not interested !! And why still pay more when other sites are doing it for free? I'm just talking about the photos !!
  7. I don't understand why you are talking about YouTube? I don't talk about it anywhere !! I don't care about YouTube ... I'm not interested !! And why still pay more when other sites do it for free? I'm just talking about the pictures !! no gifs or videos not just pictures and photos !! the only thing that pays with Xcoins is the conversation translator for all chat chats !! For pictures and photos it is included in the subscription so why should we pay even more? You just have to admit that turning our photos into 3D takes up a lot more space than a simple image on a wall and to let us have fre
  8. Happy birthday hoping to finally be able to use our images and photos soon ... Thank you and good luck
  9. Beaucoup d'autres sites laissent libre accès aux images externes sans aucun traitement supplémentaire ... ici nous devons transformer des images normales en images 3D beaucoup plus lourdes dans l'espace disque MO ... Sur l'un de ces sites, j'ai plus de 1000 photos et gifs (je n'utilise pas tout) dans mon "My Share" s'il y avait un problème de copyright les sites n'accepteraient pas ... ce n'est pas un problème de droits auteur non !! ce n'est pas non plus un problème de serveur ... le site sur lequel je suis a des serveurs 100X moins puissants qu'ici et pourtant tout fonctionne !! Comme je l'a
  10. Thank you for the updates ... this will allow us to finally have clubs that The Monastere to be even more realistic ...
    Thank you for your work.

  11. Please read this ... we would like to see some progress regarding images that do not need to be in 3D.

    Thank you, TatyTh




  12. I need my normal images to put on the walls of my club ... I don't need 3D images, it's very useless and moreover it takes up a lot more space than the normal images !! I really need it because my club is dull and sad in this state !! my club is currently 3120kb ... if I place a single 3D photo my club exceeds 6500kb and there I am ko and I don't know how to do anything anymore !!! I am not here to not know how to do anything ... I do not pay to be blocked in my constructions !! I have already built a lot of things that I will share with the community ... but if I have to be blocked ... my ach
  13. a (game) much less stable and efficient than yours !! their servers are 100X less powerful than yours and they can do it ... even better, they have the translator built into all the chat chats ... we know how to make videos of our parties etc ... we know how design our own clothes !! your transformation program for our photos requires us to put them in 3D !! seriously a 3D photo mural? Why ? more processed photos are much heavier than a flat photo ... I resized a photo before transforming it with your program so that it wouldn't be too big ... once transformed and merged in my bedroom. .. impo
  14. I'm not asking for the moon but just the possibility of using my images to put them as photos on a wall !! the 3dx world picture program only allows the transformation of plane images into 3d images !! too heavy ... too large ... too bulky in pixels ... a simple flat image placed on a wall would be much easier and less restrictive to produce and much faster in constructions there is no way to put simple photos on a wall !! everything must go through 3D and it does not work for me !! I'm probably too stupid to use this program but anyway all this manipulation just for a picture on a wall !! muc
  15. Good morning all, I haven't been with you for long, but I've been on another site for over a year as well and that's what allows me to compare the pros and cons. There is not to say but 3DX is graphically, constructively and bearable (power of the servers) 1000X superior to the other site. On the other hand, I am busy building my chalet here as I did on the other site, unfortunately I find myself stuck because I do not know how to use my own textures, images and gifs !! On the other site I have a folder just for my chalet of 210 images and gifs which are all used for the diffe
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