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  1. Are you doing today and new patch
  2. I hope the next update is better
  3. How y'all like the new update
  4. Why y'all can be happy y'all getting a update God
  5. I hope this update will be good and better pose
  6. Don't understand why do a update now
  7. I still think is a prank or he is being fr
  8. Everything I was on here for a long time and so the going to cage pose or not
  9. I know but I was I play 3dx for two years already and if you said logic I'll go along with you
  10. When need more ffm,mmf and cumshot pose too
  11. When need more ffm,mmf and cumshot pose too
  12. Y'all tell me what point of playing the game if no fucking update and what hell is going on here too
  13. This update was in December of 2020 and I've been 4 months when it was the last update and what when will be next update @Gizmo @Lisa
  14. I'm not new to the game I was playing this game for almost 2 years now and still have no update how crazy is that right bro
  15. Because I'm sick and tired of the same pose over and over it's like there's no new pose or dance
  16. When is next update because I am getting bored using same pose over and over
  17. Is happening to me a lot is not a bug is just forget to click little green circle
  18. Can I be a employees too and run the store for you
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