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Hello, Happy new year... Hope it brings lots of joy for everyone.   Now... here's what I am personally wishing for and what I think I am owed. - a more stable service. - 64 bit client. - better riggin

Discussion topic for Upcoming Updates

Ok Here i Come...It Would Be Great if you Guys Update this year... a Function to...   UPLOAD IMAGES/TEXTURES WE WANT!!!   Yup, Check it Out... Like in Our Profiles, but Without Cost, (Because if a Te

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On 10/14/2019 at 4:08 PM, Vaughan_Rarius said:

Thank you to the Devs for the amazing changes and improvements made to the game.

There are a couple of things, I thought were better unchanged though and I wonder if these could be returned to the way they were.

1. This is the white texture in Patterns called "Folds"   It used to be white and crisp and was ideal for bed sheets, like the picture.


But it doesnt look neat like above. Now it is a texture that looks crumpled and messy.  See?


Can we have the white, crisp prestine look back?

If they do I hope the keep both because current one is good for certain things like towels etc, but agree that old one was better for beds and some other things.

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On 10/1/2019 at 12:29 PM, reasoner512 said:

I'm just saying. When most female avatars and all of the futa/shemale avatars controlled by men, gizmo releasing poses for them. You can't focus only to men's desires. Do all real homosexual woman of 3dxchat have to use strap-on and penis? Why don't we have more real F/F foreplay and positions? 

Most lesbians don't fuck each other with strap-ons in real life. That's exactly what gizmo does - ''we're making F/F positions for the futa players which is all controlled by men. Lesbians should use same positions too, you should suck penis and strap-on for gloryhole F/F pose, not lick pussy''. 

We want equal releases, not fulfil male fantasy.

Regarding the female poses... could we have a lock for the Futa/Strap-on.  

So when locked, we can only use poses which match what is locked.  

If I want to play as a Futa, then only poses what allow for this, can be selected. and when I want to play as a Woman, I only want poses that don't require my avatar to have a cock/strap-on.  In the real world women don't suddenly grow cock's when having sex, so why should we in game.

Edited by MnFLadyAlexa
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1 hour ago, SusanLouisa said:

I disagree.  I don't know how your water is by where you live, but ours is transparent.

wait u talk about ocean water?  or the simple water ? we use to make pool etc ?

For ocean water i like it the way it is :) for the simple water we use to build no issue be transparent lol 


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4 hours ago, ☙𝔼𝕩❧ said:

Thanks to the devs. I hope to see flat sneakers in the next patch. Keep the content coming in balance.



Welcome back my beloved socks. You have been missed and right in time for the autumn season just as I gave all hope up for them to make a return to 3dx.



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same thing is happening to me, I deleted the previous version and re-installed it and still the patcher is  doing the same thing even after opening it up as administrator and jumped through all the hoops  as customer support indicated. to no avail.

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On 8/7/2019 at 9:20 PM, Niblette said:

Just for the record Pandora went away because the dev's made it go away, and that was a good thing, its been gone for almost a year though, so people really should move on. Making alts visible, or whatever isn't the same as bringing back Pandora. If that's what people want then they should just say it, and not ask for the dev's to let Pandora work again. I am fairly sure Pandora's business model was mostly about black mail, and their primary target was the dev's themselves, as well as players, but mostly the dev's. They were consistently looking for someone to buy them out, and who other then the dev's would have an interest in paying to make Pandora go away? I am glad the dev's didn't go that way, and spent the time to redo the server instead even if it took them longer.


I know this is an old post but since lots of people are talking about this, I wanted to set the record straight letting people, who are interested in this, know that Pandora shut down on its own and not because of game modifications that rendered Pandora inoperable.

Pandora has also consulted 3DXChat (for free) on how to make the game more secure and giving advice on how to make sure no other Pandora-like clone can exist.


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I had the problem mentioned above today (October 22, 2019).. it downloaded the patch and then a screen just sat there saying
Update status: 

I tried and retried but nothing.

Locate this folder.. .Local Disk (C:) / Games / 3DXChat / Patcher_Data

Locate a file that has downloaded (it will be quite large and dated today)

In my case it was: StandaloneWindows64_398_399.m2hpatch

Delete it

Then.. either restart 3DXChat which restarts the download or in the 3DXChat folder is a .exe file called Patcher.. run it

Seond time round, the update/patcher process completed and restarted the game

Have fun


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Always think on equality! When release a new pose, in my opinion always should worth for all genders and ways FF, MF, MM, MFM, FMF, FFF, MMM, vaginal and anal, bissexual, anyways... for all. That would be a big diference comparing to other games that are a men's world.

And, EARRINGS!!!!! Please, EARRINGS!!!!! Cant be that difficult! Cmon! lol

And ofc, its been very nice on Devs part that we are getting many updates recently! But we will always ask and/or maybe complain, thats part of it! lol

Great job and thank you Devs!


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17 hours ago, Paulina said:

Always think on equality! When release a new pose, in my opinion always should worth for all genders and ways FF, MF, MM, MFM, FMF, FFF, MMM, vaginal and anal, bissexual, anyways... for all. That would be a big diference comparing to other games that are a men's world.


Paulina, you are so right! 😘 Please, dear Gizmo & team, stop being so "heteronormative" (what a word 😅) and stop looking at us players as easy to sort into drawers!

I recently added Bob, the bot, to try the new poses ... And I have been shocked, that there are so much more poses for heterosexual couples than for gay or lesbian 😔 And a lot of them could be used with every gender, male, female and diverse. For instance, why can't I as a dominant lesbian sit on my submissive girl, if that should be my bias? Why is this ... and a lot of other poses limited to MF? Makes no sense and it seems to me also discriminatory. Or why there is only one cum shot for FF, although there are a lot of trans girls out there, whereas with MF there are three, and a gay couple have zero poses for the final shot? 

Another point: Step in any room with a lot of people and look at the relationship status of the females: They are mostly married with other women! (I know that statistically it isn't possible, that there are so many lesbians in the game and I'd suppose that a lot of girls in the game are in real life men, but never mind...) I haven't had yet enough time but I wanted to make a statistics, how many of the married women are gay or at least bi and married to another woman!

A quick look into the Sin: 11 girls, 4 married, 2 with another woman, 2 with a man, a 50% lesbian quote for the married ones. (Hopefully I will find some time in the near future to make a real statistic about the phenomena of married lesbian couples...)

You think "discriminatory" is too harsh? Well, just give it a count (without poses who are just a switch between both gender):

* MF poses:  foreplay 15, vaginal 13, anal 10, oral 10, cum-shot 3, bisexual (?) 4, fetish 1 = 56 poses overall
* FF poses: foreplay 14, vaginal 8, anal 11, oral 11, cum-shot 1, fetish 2 = 47 poses overall
* MM poses: foreplay 14, anal 16, oral 8, cum-shot 0 (lol 😂), fetish 1 = 39 poses overall

* MMF poses: 6 poses overall
* MFF poses: 7 poses overall
* FFF poses: 6 poses overall
* MMM poses: 0 poses overall

So please: Stop thinking in old role models and straight gender and let the players decide, which pose they want to use as long as there are no limitations because of the physics of the bodies of the AVIs. The world is colorful, not either black or white 😉

Thank you 💗

Edited by SuzyShine
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5 hours ago, SuzyShine said:

Stop thinking in old role models and straight gender and let the players decide

They do. They do polls and players can decide. That is a problem for minority. Most of the players are straight. That is why people should ask for a balance first.

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