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Futa Cave v3.0 - history of creation step by step.

It is update from v2.5, which was built before new WE appeared.


NOTE: The club is NO-MEN (yes, in Caps!), so if you are a guy and yet want to take a closer look at my work you better ask me to open a dedicated copy for you and not bother the girls in the room opened by FutaJenifer, who dont like men coming to the club "just to look around". And You will be banned there in a seconds. Sorry, these rules are not mine.






















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Sharing a little cottage for those who would want to use it.

Sorry, it's not furnished tho  :lol: ... well not yet  :P 






















Ps : Awesome job everyone  who shared their work so far :wub:



Shanti, I just wanted to tell you how MUCH I'm in love with this cottage!!! <3 You did an awesome job! THANK YOU for sharing. It's freakin adorable!!! 

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Some of this Locations are so awesome, I would pay for :lol:

Well and in my opinion is there nothing wrong if ppl would sell it!


They have the same and a higher quality like the unity store Locations and they have many hours of work inside. Why not support this artists for example like RobT does, with a Prepaid Code for a Membership or other stuff of interest...

I've for example more as enough stream servers and I don't need it, I could help ppl who need it.


There are so many things possible to help friends and support them it doesn't needs be always money :)


I think the awesome Designers have fun with Design Locations, they do it gladly and it could be easy to give something back to them if they help not so talented ppl :)

This is where I am. I lack patience. I tried but it was all crap. I have the hookup tho. 

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The only problem I see now is the difficulty we have to find and explore the good places in list of available locations... Could be great to have a way to rate creators so everyone would see at a glance the good ones vs the unknown one. Something like a number of « like » (or kiss to stick in the context ^^). A rating method without the negative feeling of stars.


Well done creators! That’s awesome to explore those creations in game. ☺️

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