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  1. It is a bug ...like with the half ball object and and and
  2. Yes..but it gets out of control when you do use bows or curved object.
  3. Nice work Halderim and ty too Diana for the font
  4. There is no ingame function for this. All you can do is, if you do offer streaming of your own music in this related room that you can check with your streaming service the ip of the listeners. So you can see wich one did start listen to your stream and stopping listening (might be the same like entering and leaving your room).
  5. Seems to be fixed with the update today
  6. Reminder! This bug is bad and still existing.....
  7. Maybe your room is broken. Well...dunno. You should set up a new room with two objects and try in general if you are able to walk through (exclusion method)
  8. Did you try it with a other room like I did? I did test it with an old room before the update and yesterday with a new room... It should work. There is nothing grouped or any other object?
  9. Just did try with a female ava and it did work....even the hight does not matter
  10. Use one of the curtain object`s and scale it to 0.001 thickness
  11. no fixing of this bug so far
  12. I did group all objects below this "falling" object and did export it... then I did group all the little object and did export it. Then I did delete both groups in the room and did save the room. Then I did reload the room and did import both groups and it was fixed How I do understand...this "falling" happens cause you have tiny objects close together and you did turn it.
  13. I hope Gizmo will help us soon. Peeps without any idea of the editor are kinda lost
  14. no it is not okay - it comes back again
  15. Tool (3DX Text Editor By GottaGo V3) broken since the last update? Pardon...still works
  16. Every room which is working with sea-Level is broken. When you do enter the room it changes the sea-level. How I do remember thats a bug from the past which is back again and it is very very bad :(
  17. Thank you so much for visting and partying with us today. The video is awesome dear OLESYA. Your ICA
  18. Looking forward for this amazing evening! An event from friends and for friends!
  19. Great page Torax! Thanks for the invite. I have never ever shared any rooms before. I guess it is a brilliant place to do this on your supi-page!
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