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  1. Now that was one fab little party ! 5 hours of fine rock music, a lot of old and new friends joining the fun and some real nice action on dancefloor and stage ! (and the office, too.... tststs.....) A big Thank You to everybody who spent the evening with us, only briefly or for the whole party. Thank you, JessUL, for streaming! We hope to see you again at ♫ ♣ The ShamRock ♣ ♬ !!
  2. Tikki and me would like to welcome you to Tikki's Kitten Go Wild Party at ♫ ♣ The ShamRock ♣ ♬ coming Saturday, Jan. 12th, 8 pm London, 9 pm Paris/Berlin/Warsaw 3 pm New York City, noon at L.A. The bus drops you off right next to the bar's entrance. Just a few steps, then down the stairs and you're right there :-) Meet you there !
  3. hey Luke :-) I hope you are okay :-*

    1. LukeM


      Heyo Gamma thx for asking :*

      Honestly I've seen better times but could be worse also so I'm ok I guess :)

  4. Splendid work, Ami :-) and very generous of you. thanks for sharing!
  5. that was quite a success last night :-) Congrats to all involved and a huge applause for yet another incredible venue. Luke you are a genius!
  6. excellent job, Torax. and a huge thanks to all the uploaders.
  7. Good to hear. I'll stay away until this is fixed. Sorry, but a little too careful is better than not careful enough. See you later everybody.
  8. what a wonderful romantic wedding ! all the best to you two :-)
  9. if nothing else, they sure do add a little realism to the game.
  10. noted! I'll try my best to be there!
  11. see my first post, Olesya. Without permission from the room owners I will not publicly advertise names. I guess you know why :-)
  12. I'd like to share pictures of amazing rooms I came across ingame. These are my personal favourites. I'm sure there are far more amazing rooms out there. as soon as I come across them, I'll post pictures here. A post will only show pictures of the same room, I won't mix in order to avoid confusion. I'd like to express my respect and admiration to those who are able to build places like these. Due to several reasons I will not share the names of the rooms or the room owners. However, if you're curious just pm me. Maybe I can tell the who and where.
  13. Seems that Messenger Service Telegram is having severe issues all over the world and is down for at least 5 hours in certain countries

  14. what a cool party we had! Despite the crashes .-) Thank you for joining ! and a big thank you to Maron, Ragnar and Pernilla for the music! See you soon at ♫ ♣ The ShamRock ♣ ♬ !
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