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  1. I told a guy I had a spider living in my vagina .I told him not to put in , he did anyway . The spider ate the dick . He is now dickless . #truestory -Trouble
  2. Fighting ya war so ya'll can live in peace.
  3. So excited for episode 8 ! lossless image upload
  4. That's one hell of a pilot ! V.2.0 I can't wait for the next movie to come out ! Ps: Allie , Concerete is the perfect material for starfighters.
  5. I'm dabbing on you , as seen in the pic
  6. Thing that happens when you let Trouble work on your room .
  7. Can't choose which dress to put on >.>
  8. I said that because I couldnt see anybody or access user made rooms. Replaced the said dll and fixed the bug .
  9. Troubling Architecture Firm is currently taking project submission.

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