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  1. I agree that this is a valid user interface and user experience issue, but like mentioned above, if you accidentally enter such a pose, the best current workaround for the problem is not to end sex. You're in no way forced to end sex. If you can locate the correct pose without a penis yourself, you may simply suggest it instead by yourself, or say in the chat something like "this isn't right, let's find a pose without a penis". You can then toggle the penis off when you switch to a pose that doesn't demand it, without exiting sex. Mistakes happen. Most people deal way worse with rejection than mistakes. By ending the sex abruptly, you can easily push the situation to feel like rejection instead of correcting a mistake, and many people just want to get out of such an awkward moment as fast as possible.
  2. I think that the ridiculously prohibitive prices will drive up the perceived value of XGold, which will primarily increase stinginess in the playerbase - and raise the bar of for example sending people gifts, which in my opinion is a fun social feature in the game that should be encouraged. If you are planning for the game to go free to play, I can agree with the pricing, but for a subscription game, I'd expect to be able to afford at least some of the cheapest options by just playing. The prints menu has for a long time been unwieldly, and is getting even worse with every update that adds prints. Having to click 70+ times to go through them or to remove one is quite a terrible user experience. How about a color picker style popup that shows all the prints in a neat scrollable grid? If you hide the UI while taking a screenshot, and then close the camera controls window, there's no longer any button to get the camera window or any other UI back. The new accessories absolutely demand some way to remove them. Even a single button that toggles all accessories on and off would be infinitely better than being stuck permanently dual-wielding bags.
  3. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... If someone thinks your creation is so cool they want to spend several hours or days to create something similar, that's great. It'll also likely have a twist or a few of their own, because if you can imitate perfectly, you can likely also adapt that skill to improve on some things. If someone thinks your work is so cool that they want to spend 15 seconds to take a copy of your hard work and use it as their own, that's not flattery. That's just taking someone else's effort, showing off with it, making sure the right person doesn't even get recognition of their work, and all this without giving anything back to the community. That's the problem, not that the creators would be literally losing things. But I understand that it's really hard to understand if you don't create anything worth mentioning yourself.
  4. 28 June 2017 – 28 December 2017

  5. Tried to replace the simple pattern 'painting' in my living room with an actual painting of mine. >_>;
  6. With so many exciting places in the game now, I felt like I needed a comfy private plane to travel from place to place. >_>; (a bus would've been more suitable for my actual budget)
  7. Tried something japanese-like this time, it's still a little work in progress. >_>;
  8. Just adding unnecessary details to my not-that-exciting flat: I think I'm going to call it done and move on to something more interesting. Thank you for bearing with me!
  9. Anyone know how to set the time on this damn thing?? :/
  10. I accidentally added a PS4 to my place. The TV's remote is unfortunately missing.
  11. I was super boring and just built my real life apartment.
  12. Niadne


    Oh, I also did a timelapse video on the kissing pic, in case anyone is interested. Please disregard that I was drawing something completely different first. ^^;
  13. Niadne


    So sorry for the late reply Alicia! D: These were drawn on an iPad using Apple Pencil and the ProCreate app. I also did some post processing in PhotoShop. So yeah, they're all digital. And here are 6 new ones...
  14. Niadne


    A couple old ones and a couple new ones:
  15. Niadne


    I don't get how people could find any of my drawings naughty. I think you all just have dirty minds! Thanks for the comments and likes, all! <3 <3 <3
  16. Niadne


    That's all I have for now. Thanks for looking!
  17. Niadne


    Hello. I'm Niadne. I can't 3D, so I draw things. Some of you might have seen my gallery in game, but I can't fit everything I've drawn in there. So I thought I'd post at least my favorite ones here. Some of these were for friends. <3 These were drawn on an iPad using Apple Pencil and the ProCreate app. Hope you like! ^^

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  19. Oh well, at least there's no temptation to stay up all night. Sweet dreams lovelies! Niadne blows cherry cream flavored goodnight kisses to Phili & Mini <3
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