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Build 413


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Dear 3DXChat Community!

Even at this very difficult times, we continue to work hard to improve 3DXChat project for you.
We are pleased to announce that the new build 413 has already been released!

Take care of yourself and loved ones.

3DXChat team

Build 413 - What's new?

✅ 2 Hairstyles
✅ 11 Dances
✅ A lot of new Poses
✅ New Clothes


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Hey guys, thank you for this big update. I like it so far, but I still have some thoughts about it.

As a latex freak, I really love the stocking thing, but it would be so much cooler if you could add gloves, closed suit and even a latex mask? 
I also find sad that some poses released are still MF/MM exclusives, and not FF comptatible. 

Other than that, it's really good stuff. I hope to see more clothes in the future.

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First and most of all, thank you for the update
However, when I have the new full bodysuit on, and get into the solo sexpose "jerking", the suit won't fix the ruptures. This should be fixed. It only gets back when a room is changed. Also applies to sex poses with partners.
And please give us more everyday poses like the new Idle 6.
What about some wedding rings? Hand holding pose either standing or walking. Stuff like that. Would be great.


2020-04-28 13-55-08_383290.png

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I want to thank the creators as well for this great work! Thank you very much for your motivation and creativity! 

I was awaiting a Boobjob very very badly. I was in the game for 1500+ days or so, until i can finally use one of my biggest RL-kinks in bed! :)  The Boobjob-Giver seems a bit unmotivated but maybe we will have another version including a Handjob and/or Tongue in the future...?

The dances are very cool too, cheers to your creativity to create all this!


But what is really the GREATEST of this update in my mind is the new clothes and hairstyles! Wow, what a great Latex (?) dress in various options to cover the body fully/partly!

Well done you guys, applause from the sexless German Blondie! ;) 👏

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I appreciate there has been a lot go into this build. The new hairstyles are a definite improvement over the last few. The dances while largely a novelty and people will fall back to using dance 7 and 10 it is nice to have some new ones. The titty wank poses are popular and the people who like latex are getting some love. However, as with every single update the guys are getting left short again. Some of the new single poses could have worked for guys as well. New hairstyles and new clothing are still really lacking behind for the guys.

Also, this is all irrelevant without some bug fixes. The server has gone down twice in nearly a week, although good job on getting the server back up in a timely fashion. Even when the server is up there are bugs which date back years like characters appearing in random positions, characters not appearing with any clothes or hair, characters not even appearing at all which requires re-entering the room or worst case scenario restarting 3DX completely, people not seen dancing for other people. These are bugs that members have just learned to accept but for a service we pay for I find it unacceptable that these are still issues after 4+ years.

I get it, people complain if there are no new poses and clothing regularly, but I think it is only fair for those who have been supporting this game with their own money for 2 or more years really deserve to have some of these bugs fixed.

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lovely update! lots of new poses!


but whit all thise new poses. i whould like to see in the next update. a small update to the pose select menu. its starting to get a bit crowded! (thats a really good thing ♥️)

could you maybe, put the poses into some sub catagorys. as in- Face to Face. an -From behind. this way it whould be a bit easyer to navigate all the new lovely poses :3


an agien thank you for the update~

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And then you gave a pose for FM/MM and didn't make an FF of it, why you keep doing this mistake! I don't care if the pose is "Physically" impossible, you can always tweak it around to fit, I really would like if you port those MF exclusives to to other orientations as well.

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I'm asking for the "exclusive MF poses" to be ported to others, I don't care if you are too simplistic person who thinks MF relationships are top tier because you happen to be straight. Some people think about what is outside the box.

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