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Mortal Kombat? XD

Oh man I remember my cousin and I beating the living crap out of each other as kids!-.....in that...game.... >.>

He'd lose a lot! ^^ (Don't mess with a girl).

This is actually looking awesome, but now I fear my PC won't handle it, it barely handled the last version. :/

The next mini game should be a dance dance revolution type game. Simple, enjoyable.

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Guest Twiggy

Thank you so much Lisa for showing us and keeping us informed.

The new graphics look great and I am sure you and Gizmo are having a lot of fun seeing what Unity 5 is capable of.

Just to let others know I think they haven't got around to working on the skins for the characters as yet, reflections and things, I am sure they will get it a lot better than it looks in the fighting pic but you can see from that the difference in the graphics.

For myself I don't care that it is taking time, I know from having done things in Unity 5 that it takes a lot of trial and error especially when it comes to the skin and hair on characters.

The lighting becomes much more important, but if done right the quality can be very life like.

Looking at the pics that Lisa posted I think they are working on really taking advantage of the difference Unity 5 can make.


I am really looking forward to seeing what they achieve.

But I would still love to see some really good tease poses so I can do the sort of strip act the game deserves.

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It is for definite an improvement over the game in it'a current form. Great stuff guys.


I look forward to using it when it releases. :)


Curious about what new technology has been used in this in Unity5 other than visual tech and such.

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New game mode
Due to numerous requests of players to add mini-games to 3DXChat we have added to the game a new mini-game mode: A Fighting Game. Where you can punish the mini-games characters abusers in an equal fight.
Thank you for being with us. Stay tuned and wait for more news!
(Do their punches slow down before impact and turn into strokes and kisses?)
Or maybe they save that till an announcer shouts "Finish Her/Him!"


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This looks awesome! I'm so looking forward to this!


While I agree that the fighting is an April Fool's Day joke, I would definitely like some sort of way to decide whether a random guy gets to kiss and hug me. It's a little invasive. Maybe not a full on fighting game, but stomping on his instep or a knee to the crotch? Or maybe just a 'no, go away' button?



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GREATTTTTTTT !!  :) :) :) :) :)


Looking forward to this new game, because there are so many improvements that we can say it s a new more beautiful game.

Don't wait too long to offer it to us please please please !!! ^^ 


Great work lisa and giz :)

If it s a 1st april joke i give up lol ... :huh:

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