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I suggest adding a "magic button" to the menu of poses for a more real perception of role-playing games and expanding game opportunities and moments. When you tick the poses sent by the partner are automatically accepted. To protect forgetful players, you can make the option turn itself off when there is no partner or the "Partner" disconnects.😊


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Sorry for necro but this seems so useful!

I would suggest even more immersive thing like auto-accept colds. Since the random partner room option (A***t-style) looks too difficult for game engine then auto-accept colds can be fun but players should have this like an option of four: block any colds, usual way, accept colds of one partner, accept colds for threesomes.

I also wonder if it is hard to implement hiding player names with <stranger>, load blank profiles and lock camera on players character in certain rooms?

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I'm definitely a fan of this in a few situations. Even if it's just a way of setting up two animations that 'sync' together. Especially things like Glory holes and some bondage equipment; feels like it would be a lot more immersive if it just worked

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