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  1. Being a social game we should have more social animations like --- >laughing, nodding head, shaking head, blowing kisses, finger wagging and come hither, and probably others too. Having a lot of sex poses is great, but a lot of times we aren't having sex. Tons of popular rooms aren't sex focused and its kinda boring when you go in and all you can do are some dances. ----- sitting on lap pose? for couches and chairs and such :3
  2. oh can we also have the ability to have multiple group chats??
  3. it could be like a hard/soft slider that they can use during sex lol to show their arousal levels xP
  4. okaiii this might turn out to be a whole bucket list of requests lol but is it possible to have two person walking animations? like one person would lead the other on a leash and walk around.. or one person carrying another around. I dont see any other pose like that so i know its a far fetch to request that. But could we at least have a crawling animation? :3 i know we have walking and running so i think the crawling would just be a slower movement animation so that could be feasible right? >.< ------ do you guys have plans to make ass physics too? knowing breast physics exists maybe ass physics could be implemented too...along with a proper twerk dance? lol ------ layered clothing? i know this might be like another engine overhaul feature, or maybe not? but could we have clothes that layer on top of each other so it makes more sense like the areas of the body where bras and panties cover up disappears when there's a dress or top/bottom even if its supposed to be underneath lol. It should be possible right since we can do that with hats/hair.. ...thats all for now im sure i have more ^-^
  5. hi admins i want to stream 3DX on chaturbate and other stream sites but is there something in the terms and conditions with 3dxchat about streaming the actual chat content itself? like i will have a notice that the chat is public for whoever PMs me but i was just wondering if there are any other rules and ramifications to streaming the chat.
  6. ya soooo can we smoke yet.. lolz also we dont just wanna smoke cigarettes we wanna smoke weed out of bongs and take shrooms too plz ^-^ lolol
  7. ya i think we need like more options to allow or disallow things like that....different players would want more or less restriction on these. For example some of us could want less control during sex poses perhaps there an option we could turn on so we dont have to accept any poses during sex (for subs). Also could we add more variety? ^-^ not just hug and kiss but like...ass slapping and groping and stuff >.< of course with the option to turn it off or only make it so that certain other players can have access to those menu options.
  8. ya can we plz have cowgirl hats and boots >.<
  9. <---wants to give lapdances, yes plz :3
  10. yes please more QoS stuff >.< also could we have the ability to crawl?...
  11. Hii everybody ^-^ ❀ We have our weekly pool party event 02-21-2021 starting 6pm PST at the Spade Bunny Sorority House. We'll be having a pool party with live RnB DJ PetLuscious ^-^. Bikinis only for girls :3 and everyone is welcome!! See you guys there~~ mwah
  12. okaii guys what do we need to do to get these into game :3
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