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its looks nice but dont you think that when theres alot of people it might be tooo crowded ?

since its not looking that big ,or is there supposed to be another bigger room ?


or it might be that it looks just smaller than it really is ...




Nonetheless very great idea and good work on it so far :D

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Hey-oh! Been working on a seaside town! I have a lot of plans in place to continue adding onto it, it's still a work in progress as you can see by the half done-untextured big building in the back, but it's coming together. The lag from what I've been told isn't too bad either. I'm hoping to get a Giant boat in there, along with a pier where people spawn at as if they're getting off the boat to visit the island, then going to do a fountain center with a giant cathedral along with a clocktower and light house. And then finally going to hollow out each place and do the interiors and make a far off city skyline, (super low detail since it's so far away xp)













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